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    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    Is there a reason why this otherwise interesting conversation is happening in the GW thread?
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    NCAA - Women's College Basketball - 2021

    Caroline Ducharme, the soon to be Noble & Greenough Grad and the #5 woman's prospect going to UConn next year beat Azzi Fuld, the #1 woman's prospect going to UConn next year in the 3 point shooting contest at Indianapolis last week. View:
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    NCAA Tournament Thread

    If Gonzaga comes back from this onslaught, I will be very impressed
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    NCAA - Women's College Basketball - 2021

    Paige Bueckers is just awesome to watch. No fear, incredible skill and timing, great passer. Plays like a 9 year veteran who has been there before. I was absolutely transfixed on her play and she even missed about 6 straight shots. Caitlin Clark of Iowa is another. Really fun to watch
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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    Marcus is who he is at this point. He's incredibly tough, willing to put his ass on the line and has great intangibles more often than not. A good passer when focused, gritty, very good to almost great defender. Balance that with an over-inflated sense of his ability (see shot selection, 3...
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    Daniel Theis to Chicago for Mo Wagner

    Russel running the floor after a made basket at the 2:25 mark of that video is a beautiful thing to watch.
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    NCAA Tournament Thread

    All of their best players are back next year.
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    NCAA Tournament Thread

    What an effort by ORU. Got a great shot at the buzzer, just didn't go down. How the hell was that team 4th in their conference this year?
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    Pats Re-sign C David Andrews

    A good friend of mine is very tight with David Andrews (knows him and his family well). He told me last week that Andrews absolutely loves it up here and really didn't want to leave. When it was rumored he was gone, my friend texted me "not so fast....could be, but I know he wants to stay."...
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    Bubblicious - The Syracuse Basketball Thread

    To my pleasant surprise he's really enjoying his year. The university, to its credit, has been very strict on testing and other protocols (much better than Northwestern, where my older boy graduates this Spring) and has communicated extremely well with both parents and students about what they...
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    Bubblicious - The Syracuse Basketball Thread

    My son is a freshman at Syracuse and just a huge hoop fan (was a good HS player, captain of his team Sr. year, no chance of playing in college at the D1 level). He applied to be basketball manager but because of COVID, they didn't take any freshmen this year but asked 12 of the applicants (of...
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    NCAA - Women's College Basketball - 2021

    Does anyone follow women's college hoop? My sons attended Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA (classes of 2020 and 2017). It's probably the premiere women's HS program in Massachusetts for the past 30 years. Two recent alums were in the news this week. 2019 graduate Katie Benzan...
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    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Green's dunk is awesome, but Edwards is much better. Green's defender tries to take the charge, Watanabe actually makes the effort to meet Edwards at the rim
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    Problems logging in

    I'm on now! Thank you very much. I had no idea how much I came to rely on SOSH for entertainment but also insight and access to critical information. Huge thanks to RIP for being my proxy!
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Bruce looks like he belongs in a wax museum