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    All Betts Are Off: The Sox If Mookie Is Traded

    It will suck, Mookie is awesome. But it will also be recoverable. Elite players don't make bad teams good in baseball. They got to figure out how to produce the best team possible... hopefully with Betts... but yeah, possibly without him.
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Nunez was sort of interesting. Old for the league but showed some promise
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    Triston Casas- 2018 Draft #26 overall

    Correct, he is a 1b. Though he may have gotten more reps at third, if not for Howlett who is a prospect and got regular reps until he collapsed in the second half. The point is that even when he was drafted no one expected him to stick. He's a good athlete, who reportedly moves well for his...
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    Triston Casas- 2018 Draft #26 overall

    He moves better than you'd think given his size, but its been a few years since anyone thought he'd be able to stick at 3b.
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    Failed prospect sues Yankees, says Jeter reason he never made majors

    I'm super sympathetic to the plight of minor leaguers. Their pay is abysmal, it's not uncommon that they end up paying more than they earn just to have a shot. But man, I hope most these guys have people in their lives who are honest with them, or enough common sense to understand that the...
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Both those guys are role players. Dont get me wrong, I like both and yeah, it's great that they are free... But we are talking about a bullpen arm and the 25th/26th guy on a roster.
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    Red Sox place Brian Johnson on outright waivers

    I'm actually sad about this. Johnson is a great example of someone who has persevered through a ton setbacks. He was a two way player out of college (amusingly, I think he was listed as the Red Sox draftee with the most power in that draft class) featuring only fringe average stuff and good...
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    Sox release Jake Cosart, 7 others

    Both Cosart and Fisher were interesting prospects at one point. Baseball is hard, I tend to root for all these guys no matter the organization because attrition is so high.
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    Down on the Farm, 2019 edition

    I believe Chatham has always been seen as a solid to good shortstop. Questions as to whether or not he'd have to move, if I remember correctly, were always driven by the fact that he's huge for a SS and that he's never been able to stay on the field (until 18/19). Given his size and athletic...
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    Is the problem Dana LeVangie? Dombrowski's vision?

    man, folks are strangely angry about 2013's draft. Meadows was who I wanted after Frazier went off the board. And yeah, he's a good outfielder this year, but he's still not a center-fielder. But that draft sucked. They took a risk on a left handed starter they liked. It didn't work out. It...
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    Is the problem Dana LeVangie? Dombrowski's vision?

    Wierd seeing folks down on the recent drafts. The last onr was excellent, especially considering the lack of a true first rounder (and the cap issues that come with that). Its also not like the gm is that important in terms of the draft. Boston has excelled at the draft for years and that has...
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    Down on the Farm, 2019 edition

    Man, I had completely forgotten about Cheh-Hsein Chen. He was from Taiwan, but I too mistakenly remembered him as Korean. There was so much debate on about where to rank that guy during his breakout season. He always scouted well, but had OPS in the low 700s most of his...
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    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    Really good day one, contingent on being able to sign Lugo. The Sox have very little money to spend under the cap rules, so I wouldn't expect them to draft many guys that fall due to singability issues. Basically they drafted a high floor guy (Cannon) with good contact skills, and potentially...
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    Rafael Devers, JD Martinez and the future at the corners

    Agreed with @bosox79 on Chavis. Allegedly, his defensive issues in the minors were related to lateral movement towards the left (per Sox Prospects). That's not as big of an issue at 2B. Especially with the greater emphasis on shifting. If Chavis were a passable 3B he'd have been on a ton of top...
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    Mookie BBetts - 2019 Campaign

    why the disparity between Baseball Reference and Fangraphs? Is it all driven by UZR versus DRS? If so couldn't we just chalk up the "decline" to the fact to UZR SSS issues? Like, I don't think anyone expected him to be the best offensive player in the league again. But if he's a 30% better than...