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    2/25 Celtics at Blazers

    Still no Kemba or Timelord, but no Lillard for the Blazers. Celtics should be able to take care of business pretty easily tonight.
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    Jaylen Brown re-signs for 4 years/$115 million

    When did the medical staff change? It seems difficult to discern much about their performance this year because the staff has been so vigilant about including every little thing on the injury report as a way to give players load management days without incurring fines.
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    2/7 Celtics host the Hawks

    Smart and Kemba both return tonight. Kemba will have a minutes restriction.
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    2/3 Celtics visit Hawks

    I didn't know Grant Williams had that put back jam in him. That was sweet. Great game all around for him, he was everywhere.
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    2/3 Celtics visit Hawks

    Smart is out after getting knee'd in the quad by Embiid.
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    2/3 Celtics visit Hawks

    I believe all of Waters, Edwards, Langford, and Fall are currently with the team, but I could have missed a transaction.
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    Jaylen Brown re-signs for 4 years/$115 million

    Watching Brown develop has been oh so satisfying. Great to see him be so successful against the Sixers defense last night after struggling to get to his spots last time they played. I remember him struggling with Thybulle in particular. This is amazing. View...
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    1/28 the Celtics are taking their talents to South Beach

    Tatum unlikely to play tonight per Brad. Kanter is out. Green is questionable with knee soreness. Romeo has been recalled from Maine. The Heat are on the second night of a back to back, but they're still 21-2 at home so a win tonight would be impressive. Go get it boys!
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    View: I believe this is the dunk in discussion. Nasty stuff.
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    Streaming Celtics games?

    I have never used a service, but I'll say that buffstreamz have been very reliable for me. Just select the game and you'll get a list of different streams similar to the old /r/nbastreams.
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    1/13 Celtics vs. Bulls

    These two give it to each other every single night in the pregame interview. No days off.
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    12/31 at Hornets

    Jaylen Brown is sick and didn't travel for this one. Poirer and Timelord still out as well. Not a fan of the 3pm start.
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    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    Tatum had a meh game last night mostly because he didn't look fully engaged. He was clearly taking possessions off on both sides and just not playing with enough energy. Looking ahead to the Sixers game tonight maybe? He'd been on an absolute tear before last night though. Looks to be improving...
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    submitted for your judegment, Dirty play or not? (Video fixed)

    I think this sums it up well. Not cool, but unless there's more to the situation I don't think it's dirty.
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    11/20 Celtics at Clipper(sonal day)s

    The graphic on the screen while Abby mocked Simmons during half time