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    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    From what I can tell, this isn't true From what I can tell the Red Sox make about $100m of their normal $500m in annual revenue. That indefinite $100m deal was set in 2006 and in...
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    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    For others such as myself that fall into this contingency, especially if you lost access to NESN because of the YTTV breakup, do you find yourself going to fewer Red Sox (and Bruins) games in person? I haven't been to Fenway or the Garden for hockey since NESN and YTTV broke up. Admittedly some...
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    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    This isn't North Korea, there is nothing illegal about using a VPN to access geo-restricted content. It may be against the T&Cs of streaming services, but you can't be prosecuted or even fined for doing it.
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    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    A VPN/DNS server with is still cheaper... Disappointing.
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    Garrett Whitlock

    To provide some color on the other side, I voted reliever for a couple of reasons. First, I see having a guy like Whitlock that can go anywhere between 1-3 innings making it much easier to navigate games where a starter hands off a lead to a win. On Saturday a friend pointed out that a third of...
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    Travis Shaw DFA’d

    After moving their left-field wall back this offseason, Camden has some of the lowest park factors for offense so far this season. Remains to be seen if that stays that way, but based on data so far I wouldn't count on it.
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Costco has a Shop Card promotion which includes the C1 (and A1 for that matter) TVs that should make you eligible for a $200 shop card. You can submit a price adjustment request via their customer service portal -- I've never done one for a shop card today but worth a shot!
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    I was debating whether a better picture was worth an extra $400-600 with the 55" LG C1 and on a whim got it from Costco as well. My god, even with everyone saying how great it is I'm blown away. If you're debating it like I was, just do it. You won't regret it. Conveniently watching The Expanse...
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    NESN will show Red Sox home games in 4K HDR in 2022

    Still garbage. Frankly unwatchable when I would try for the Bruins. Ended up that I stopped watching hockey all together. Looks like I will be watching more out of market than in market baseball games again this season.
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    Trevor Story has signed with the Boston Red Sox

    Haven't the Jays been playing in Buffalo the last 2 years?
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    Talk to me about ear buds

    As others have mentioned, don't go to the 85ts. I looked into them with the desire for wireless charging, but the reviews were consistent that they were a big step back, in particular their size, shape and weight. I originally had the 65ts for a while and they're great but, in addition to a...
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    Talk to me about ear buds

    I love my Jabra 75t's. Won't take a phone call without them, but the music sound is pretty good too. They go on significant sales pretty regularly, or you can get refurbished ones for like $50 from Jabra's eBay official store. This is what I did when I wanted a dedicated pair for the office and...
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    What was your favorite Tom Brady moment?

    Not him in the game but his reaction 7 years ago today is still burned into my brain: View:
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I did the NESN app for a while for Bruins games and it has been such a bad experience I barely watch anymore. I've gone from watching pretty much every Red Sox and Bruins game to only the national broadcasts (and even not some of those, like the Bruins game on ESPN+ the other night??). I watch...
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    2nd monitor hookup issues

    What happens when you go into the display settings on your PC when you plug back in -- does the monitor just not show up at all? Try ensuring you have all the latest software and firmware updates. If that doesn't solve it sometimes there are compatibility issues between different manufacturer...