<!-- isHtml:1 --><!-- isHtml:1 -->I have been an avid RedSox fan since favorite all-time player is Fred Lynn, whom I had a chance to meet at the 2000 All-Star game at the single worst moment was the Buckner groundball...a close second is the Boone homerun. But, the magic of 2004 cured me. I have lived my whole life in the Northwest and usually plan all vacations around when the Sox will be in that town....I am married and have three girls...the youngest whose name is none other than...Boston. When I am not watching the Sox on MLBTV I enjoy reading all the updates and SOSH, playing with my kids, teaching school, working on classic VW's, watching The Office or The Simpsons (lifelong fan), working with kids at church or spending time outside.

RedSox, family, VW's, video games, teaching, NCAA football, reading, music
Jul 6, 1971 (Age: 53)
Nampa, Idaho


"You're the suckiest sucks that ever sucked"