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    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    I imagine there is obvious human trafficking-involved prostitution (women held against will) and obvious willing prostitution (women who want to make some extra bucks), and lots of grey areas in between. For example, if a woman has some combination of the following circumstances: overstays her...
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    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Chinese women and Nigerian men in the news recently - once again proving that immigrants are willing to do jobs that American citizens aren't willing to do.
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    Why do you want to trade Scary Terry?

    We already have a backup PG (Marcus Smart) who's good enough to start in a pinch. And PG is the deepest position in the league. It's not that hard to find a serviceable backup (hello Shane Larkin) on a cheap deal. Especially, after these playoffs when the C's will be seen as the favorite to...
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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    How about packaging the Memphis pick plus Rozier for Memphis' own #4 this year? Not sure if Memphis does that trade for PR reasons. But, it converts the Memphis option value into real value (JJJ / Bagley / Bamba / Carter).
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    Ainge's type

    When he had mid-late first round picks in the past, he also seemed to like guys who were projected lottery picks coming out of high school but whose draft stock dropped during their freshman year due to bad college fit. Avery Bradley immediately comes to mind, but IIRC we looked at this before...
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    Celtics vs. the Lebronaires

    JR Smith should get suspended a game. Guy clearly has a history. There's a youtube video out there of his top-10 dirtiest clearly intentional hits (includes elbows to the head of Terry and Crowder when they were on the Cs). Unfortunately, it might be addition by subtraction cause he is...
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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    Rozier's value is likely at its peak right now. He's getting extended run to show what he can do in like 34 minutes per game with Kyrie out. When Kyrie is back, Rozier is back to playing 20 minutes per game. I would love to flip him plus another asset to move into the top-8 in the lottery and...
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    Cheesesteaks vs. Chowdah Part I - The Sixers/Celtics Series Thread

    Hopefully this is the sort of loss that crushes Philly's soul, but I have a feeling they'll come out strong. The strategy of banging Embiid and making him work definitely wears him down by the end of the game.
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    Terry Coming Up Rozes

    The Kyrie player option is definitely a consideration. Maybe they keep Terry around and make a decision later who is the PG of the future. It's not a guarantee they can extend Kyrie or even that Kyrie's body will hold up, or maybe Terry is better in a couple years? First class problems...
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    Terry Coming Up Rozes

    Top-8 in this draft is loaded - as good as top-3 or top-5 in a typical draft. I would package him in a heartbeat with any non-Memphis, non-Fultz 1st. One of Bamba, Carter or Young would be available at #8. Bamba or Carter would be my preference for fit to get the tutelage under aging Horford...
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    April brouhaha with the Yankees

    I didn't see HanRam's HBP last night. Judging by the lack of brawl or re-retaliation, I'm guessing it wasn't deemed intentional? Was it a breaking ball or did Hanley lean into it or something?
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    The 2018 NBA Draft

    I was just looking at the players expected to be available in the late first where the C's pick. A lot of them look pretty interesting that I could see Ainge taking. This is a deep draft. Grayson Allen - how soon we forget how highly recruited he was, that he had an incredible college career...
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    The Truth doesn't want to share his night

    IT gets his tribute video Game 1 of the ECF. problem solved.
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    The NFL and Black Quarterbacks

    I agree it is probably a function of early training and early-years biases, because at the NFL level, though biases still exist the incentives are to win at almost all costs. It is mostly a brutally pragmatic league. I was half-joking about the Belichick arbitrage, but I think there might be...
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    The NFL and Black Quarterbacks

    If this was a real thing Belichick should have figured out how to arbitrage it by now.