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Who are Your Favorites/Binkies 2018 NFL Draft Edition?

Discussion in 'Wait, Who???' started by SMU_Sox, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. SMU_Sox

    SMU_Sox loves his fluffykins SoSH Member

    We are 2 weeks away now from the NFL Draft. This has been one of the most exciting and drama filled offseasons in a franchise that has had quite a few over the past decade.

    It's time to talk about your favorites and/or binkies. I figure a favorite is a potential first or early second rounder that you are particularly bullish on and then binkies are anyone from a mid-2nd rounder to a UDFA that you are high on. Or define it however you want to.

    I was thinking about the Patriots and some of the guys I would like to see them try to get. I skipped some positions.

    Credit: I spend a lot of time listening to the podcasts and reading anything I can get my fingers on so I am going to echo thoughts I have heard from others in here. Sure, I did my homework too but I do want to give credit to where it is due though and obviously wouldn't want to plagiarize anything. So credit to: ITP, Masco, SuperNomario, their team of scouts and draft guide, their podcasts as well. NDT Scouting and their podcasts including LockedOnNFL Draft. Matt Waldman and the RSP. PFF and Football Outsiders. Nate Geary.

    I will do the offense first.

    Favorites: Lamar Jackson. I love Lamar Jackson.
    He's not my #1 ranked QB but he edges Sam Darnold out for #3 on my own rankings. I think everything about Jackson that is wrong mechanically, like his base, is completely fixable and you can see that he worked on it from 2016-2017 but it needs a lot more work. Just because it is fixable doesn’t mean it will get fixed but I believe in his ability to develop as a prospect. Jackson made the most mental progress of any QB from 2016-2017 of the big named guys. He turned into a premiere pocket passer who read the field. Ben Solak's QB Prospectus is a wonderful treasure trove of information. Lamar Jackson, for example, lead all draftable QBs in his share of passes attempted beyond the first read. That tells me a lot because in 2016 he did a lot more of 1-2 reads and then take off. This is a guy who likes to read the field and make progressions. He struggles with his accuracy and a lot of that is from his base. He has a great fast delivery but has to clean up his lower body. He comes from an E-P system. All of that and I haven't even mentioned his mobility as a passer and his ability to win with his legs. I believe in his ability to continue to develop as a player and think he would be the perfect fit as the next great Patriots QB. I think we are his best fit to fulfill his potential.

    There’s also a side of me who loves him because there are those who treat him like he’s Michael Vick 2.0 or wonder if he should be a WR. I want him to develop into an elite pocket passer who beats people that way to silence the doubters. It’s personal – I got sucked into this one as a fan.
    Binkies: None although I really like Lauletta's floor.

    Favorites: Chubb
    Binkies: Royce Freeman, Nyheim Hines

    Binkies: Anthony Miller, EQ St. Brown, Byron Pringle (I was late to the party on him but thanks, ITP), Trey Quinn

    Favorites: None, but of the consensus top 5 guy, I like Connor Williams the most.
    Binkies: Chukuma Okorafor, Alex Cappa (could be a guard too)

    Favorites: Quenton Nelson. God Quenton Nelson. Isaiah Wynn. Wynn might be able to handle some play at tackle too but love his projection as a guard.
    Binkies: Austin Corbett, Wyatt Teller. Nasty.

    Favorites: Goedert

    On Defense I have quite a few guys I liked. This is my first year getting this into it – I will learn and refine.

    Favorites: Maurice Hurst, but I also would be very happy with Taven Bryan or Da’Ron Payne.
    Binkies: RJ McIntosh, Breeland Speaks (multiple positions but I like him as a rotational rusher a lot), BJ Hill, Deadrin Senat – as a run stuffing tackle replacement.

    Favorites: Roquan Smith, LVE
    Binkies: Fred Warner, Darius Leonard, Skai Moore, Oren Burks (variety of roles potential), Shaquem Griffin

    Yeah, I like a lot of off-ball linebackers. It will be very interesting for me how things play out in the NFL and comparing that to my own notes. I think next year I want to specialize in one group and that group will either be linebacker or defensive tackle.

    Edge/LB Pass Rusher:
    Favorites: Harold Landry, but I love Sam Hubbard’s floor and versatility.
    Binkies: Lorenzo Carter (I think he can play almost any LB position).

    Favorites: I need more time to figure out who my ideal fits for the Pats are.
    Binkies: Blank

    Safety: There is no consensus perfect safety but each safety I mention below is really good in a certain role. The Pats are getting older there and you could always upgrade from Jordan Richards and have more options to cover the slot and TEs. So no matter what kind of safety you want to get the options are good IMO.

    Favorites: Derwin James
    Binkies: So many binkies… but my top 3 are Justin Reid, Ronnie Harrison, and Jessie Bates III.

    There you have it. How about you all?
  2. Ale Xander

    Ale Xander Member SoSH Member

    Roquan Smith
    Sony Michel
    Arden Key
  3. ZMart100

    ZMart100 Member SoSH Member

    I've only worked through combine OL, WR and RB so far. Hopefully I'll post updates as I get through other positions and then pro days. These descriptions are copied and pasted from my notes so apologies about readability. Using SMU's definitions:

    Favorites (1st to mid 2nd rounders)-
    James Daniels - Iowa - Interior OL- He's basically Logan Mankins athletically, but a little less mean and a little more polished coming out of college.

    Binkies (mid 2nd +)-
    Daesean Hamilton - Penn St. - WR- Willing blocker, runs good routes and willing to go across the middle. Not terrific after the catch, but makes a few people miss. Versatile, can play inside or out. Football player. 3rd round.

    Austin Corbett - Nevada - OG- Nasty. Plays to the whistle. Good job finding man and staying on him. Plays with good leverage in the run game. Has trouble reengaging if his arms don't get first pop. Has some trouble with speed, mostly technique. Can get caught leaning in pass pro. Footwork loose in pass pro. 3rd/4th round

    Justin Jackson- Northwestern - RB/WR- Good at pass pro for size. Runs ok between the tackles, but is too easy to take down. Some slipperiness. Routes very inconsistent, but changes direction very well. HB may develop into slot WR. 6th round
    [NB: Not sure he really qualifies as a binky, but a conversion to WR really intrigues me.]

    Chris Warren - Texas - RB - Horribly misused this year and running behind an awful, awful line. Powerful with good balance. Good in pass pro when engaged, but misses assignments. Probably a short yardage option, good chance to stick with ST value while possibly developing into a rotational player. 6th round
  4. chief1

    chief1 lurker

    Is Connor Williams, or any LT worth taking at 23?
  5. pappymojo

    pappymojo Member SoSH Member

    Not necessarily a need, but if he falls to the second round I would love Frank Ragnow.
  6. SMU_Sox

    SMU_Sox loves his fluffykins SoSH Member

    Worth is a tricky question. But if they do go tackle and Williams is on the board he is my favorite and I think the best value at 23 of the tackles. But I am not sure they should go tackle in round 1. In my view there are multiple day 2 targets at tackle who I think paired with Antonio Garcia should net you one tackle. Williams also has a floor that he would make a good guard if he failed at tackle (I don't think he will).
  7. chief1

    chief1 lurker

    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.
  8. pappymojo

    pappymojo Member SoSH Member

    I've seen a couple of people call him the best route runner in the draft.



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  9. EL Jeffe

    EL Jeffe Member SoSH Member

    Nick Chubb: Are we really sure that Guice is the better prespect? Guice may end up being better, but Chubb just seems really, really solid. He's another year removed from the gruesome knee injury and if he gets back to even 95% of what he was pre-injury, he's pretty special. He picked up right where Gurley left off.

    Mark Walton: He didn't test particularly well, he's smallish and he was hurt last year; I think all that adds up to a steal. RB 40 times are often very misleading though, and the kid plays fast and explosively. You can definitely picture him in New England's scheme doing some Dion Lewis things.

    Leighton Vander Esch and Rashaan Evans: I'm good with either one at #23. There's a huge need for a difference-making ILB who can play in every package. Hightower is still a stud, but Van Noy is basically just a guy, Flowers is a meh dime LB and Roberts is a cry for help. I think I like LVE a little better than Evans just based on his freakish size but either one works for me.

    Duke Dawson: I see Malcolm Butler when I watch him play. Enough size and physical ability (but not special), but tough, physical and scrappy. The dude competes and he's got some slot/outside versatility to him. I see a pretty high floor for him.

    Austin Corbett: If you squint hard enough, you can see some Matt Light there. You look at him getting off the bus and you don't think there's any way he's an NFL LT, but then he lines up and gets the job done. Maybe he kicks inside because of the length, but I'm not ready to bet against him.

    Peter Pujals: I wouldn't mind using one of the 6th rounders on him. He's athletic, he competes and he makes a lot of NFL-style throws. You watch some of the spread QBs play and you can see their offenses manufacture open receivers. Pujals was throwing to blanketed, limited receivers and he threw some absolute dimes. I'm not saying he's a future starter or anything, but he's an interesting developmental guy. There's some stuff to work with there.

    Deontay Burnett: He's Desean Jackson skinny and he ran some really bad 40 times which is a bad combo, but he was highly productive at USC and caught passes at all three levels. He plays too fast for me to believe those times are reflective of his true speed, and I was impressed with his route running and position instincts. I don't know if he's a great fit for New England's roster, but I think he out-performs his ultimate draft slot.

    Jack Cichy/Leon Jacons: Two Wisconsin LBs. Cichy makes Ras-I Dowling look like an iron man, but when he was healthy, he was A Dude out there. He blew up Ohio St a couple of years ago and he appears to be healthy now and impressed at his pro day. Jacobs is more of a Swiss Army Knife type; he played ILB and Edge rusher. At 6'1 he's 240lb. he's probably better off as an ILB. He's fast, explosive, tough, and looks okay in space. Instincts/experience at any one position are lacking, but he's versatile and the kind of kid you draft and groom.
  10. SMU_Sox

    SMU_Sox loves his fluffykins SoSH Member

    Cichy is a guy I spent some time on. Love him as a 4th round plus pick. Huge ceiling but a risk as he hasn’t played since October 2016 and is nowhere near a finished product. He’s a a great day 3 pick though because had he not been injured and developed he would probably be a day 2 pick. My concern is that I never saw him as an elite play speed guy and he is undersized as a LB. for my undersized WLb/MLB types I like to see fast processing speed. Cichy profiles as a guy who could be there though. He certainly had some flashes on tape.
  11. mascho

    mascho Kane is Able SoSH Member

    Insert eyeballs emoji here.

    Also put Chad Kanoff into that mix. Been hearing more and more rumblings about him over the past few weeks. There's a reason for it.

    As far as other QBs, I'd put Logan Woodside into that mix. Although I might have a type and he could be my 2018 Brad Kaaya...

    As far as non-QBs, Isaiah Wynn and Mike Gesicki probably fit the bill. Gesicki pretty much a non-starter as a blocker but he's your move tight end of the current game. Love Wynn's versatility. Seemed to kick inside for the Senior Bowl and not miss a step.
  12. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    Lauletta almost seems to make too much sense. I’d be pretty excited about him
  13. mascho

    mascho Kane is Able SoSH Member

    Hopping on with Ledyard and Sikkema in a bit to make the Pats' pick at 23 in their ongoing series for Locked On NFL Draft. Here's the current board. You've got about 20 minutes to talk me out of Williams at 23 in this situation.

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  14. ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_)

    ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_) T&A SoSH Member

    I’m going to throw in for Rashaad Penny. I can’t determine why he doesn’t have more draft buzz. All the measurables are there and the college production was tremendous. Maybe there is off the field stuff but some googling didn’t reveal anything. Most of the draft websites question the competition he played against in college but that seems short sited. It’s not like he had a good year against lower competition he dominated for 2,248 yards and 23 TDs.
    Maybe he won’t pan out in the NFL but he checks all the boxes that can be quantified for size, speed, athleticism and in game stats.
  15. SMU_Sox

    SMU_Sox loves his fluffykins SoSH Member

    Go ahead - I missed the deadline anyway. I think he's a good value at 23 because I love his floor. If he and Garcia work out then you have great depth at tackle and Williams could potentially take over at guard when Shaq Mason leaves in free agency. The only offensive line pick I liked here was Williams of the guys available. Very good pick. Tough board for us, I thought.

    Edit: Taven Bryan is a guy I'd consider at 23 but he has a lower floor I think and more bust potential.

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