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Seahawks Develop UDFA Recruitment Tool

Discussion in 'Wait, Who???' started by DanoooME, May 7, 2014.

  1. DanoooME

    DanoooME Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    Ian Rapaport tweeted this:
    This is interesting although misleading in places, mostly due to SSS.  For example, the numbers of draft picks let go (Page 7 - I presume they mean over the past 4 years - the Carroll years), only 3 teams have let go more than 15 and a half-dozen or so are in the single digits.  I mean, there is some interesting data in there to look at and they do make some good points, but there's not a huge data sample to be worked with.
    I've never seen a team create a Powerpoint presentation to try and get UDFAs to come in.  It makes a lot of sense for Seattle's general roster strategy.  I wonder if other teams have already done something like this and we've just never heard of it before?
    A link to the PDF.  http://static.nfl.com/static/content/photo/2014/05/06/0ap2000000347146.pdf
    Oh, and the comments responding to the tweet are priceless, particularly those of Johnny Beach, who has some serious analytical deficiencies.  
  2. ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_)

    ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_) T&A SoSH Member

    I work all day in excel and then take my findings and put them into powerpoint slides.  It's not my job description, but that's the basic workflow of what I do.
    Copying and pasting excel tables into power point slides offends me.  Lazy bastards.  Your slides look like shit.
  3. bakahump

    bakahump Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Pats could cut an past those Slides into a "Why to sign with the Patriots" deck.
    Pats are 2nd to seattle on almost every slide.
  4. Phragle

    Phragle wild card bitches SoSH Member

    Add this to the list of reasons Schneider is the best
  5. ThePrideofShiner

    ThePrideofShiner spooky action from a distance SoSH Member

    They need to hire a copy editor.
  6. Otto

    Otto Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Here's why this e-mail blast is so smart: other teams use similar data when they try to convince undrafted players to sign with them after the draft, but it's really hard to sort it all out in the frenzy of the first 30 minutes after the draft ends.  Very good undrafted players will be getting peppered with offers and "we have to move on this quickly" requests from several (or more) teams, and they are evaluating the depth chart, the money, the attention ("well, the position coach from that team called, but the GM and head coach from that team called"), and there's not a lot of time to act.  Ideally, the very good undrafted players want their deal done in the first 15-30 minutes, so it's crazy tight on time, and just hearing over the phone "we had three undrafted players make our 53 last year" can get lost in the shuffle.  Firing this off ahead of time gives players a chance to hear that pitch now and have it on their mind when the other pitches come in while the clock ticks away.  Very smart move.
  7. ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_)

    ( . ) ( . ) and (_!_) T&A SoSH Member

    They should have kept the other team names blind.  Something like "Team A","Team B", etc... 
  8. Freddy Linn

    Freddy Linn Member SoSH Member

    Should have been an infographic.
  9. leetinsley38

    leetinsley38 Member SoSH Member

    Quick, let's put an infographic together and then tweet it at the list of potential UFDA's.  Ideally from Teegan Presley or Bibi Jones Twitter account.  It's not often the fans have a chance like this to influence the process for their team.

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