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  1. InsideTheParker

    InsideTheParker Member SoSH Member

  2. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    Maybe only my own personal opinion, but don’t buy any tv based on their smart features. They all suck in their own way. Buy one with a usb or hdmi input and get a stick.
  3. findguapo

    findguapo Member SoSH Member

    I have it and love it. I would not buy anything else. If you are used to a roku box, it is basically that, but simpler. If you have cable or antenna tv, you can basically add it as sort of a roku channel so you can select it when the TV loads.
  4. Omar's Wacky Neighbor

    Omar's Wacky Neighbor Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    While I'd generally agree with that, I've read that the Roku TVs seem to be better optimized than other proprietary smart TVs.

    Do you need Roku specifically? Fire TV Sticks have been on sale for $20 the past few months. Or is it the convenience of just a single remote for both TV and Roku?

    And are you trying to meet a price point, as 28" is kinda small for a TV in this day and age. I mean, we've got a 32" on top of the microwave, and we've got a rather small kitchen.

    EDIT: I guess I should also ask if there are any channels/apps you specifically plan to have on the Roku? Because IIRC there are a few ahem "channels" that you cant load onto a Roku due to the OS.
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  5. AMcGhie

    AMcGhie The Robinson Canoe of RMPS SoSH Member

    I had a chromecast and upgraded to the Roku Stick (the 1080p wireless). I have also had Roku-enabled TV's in a couple AirBnB's I went to. In each case, the interface was good, and accessing the content I need is/was easy. I currently use mine for Hulu/Netflix/Youtube and it works great.
  6. InsideTheParker

    InsideTheParker Member SoSH Member

    Size: My chair at the kitchen table is so close that I think it would be weird to have a larger tv.
    Experience: The TV that died was a Samsung Smart TV. It wasn't at all bad, and we used it for Netflix and MLB with few problems. I have an old Roku in the bedroom that I use for MLB. It's always been a bit slow with occasional stuttering, but it's very old and not near the modem. I am a bit concerned that it was worse last night after the Verizon guy moved the modem from my desk to the kitchen. We have two chromecasts. The old one was fine until I took it up to the Adirondacks, where it was great. When we got back home it couldn't work with our current router. The Google tech was WONDERFUL, but ultimately, we decided I needed a new one. I am annoyed that I can't watch the TCM app without problems almost anywhere, when it seems as tho I used to. That's apparently a common complaint.
    Concern: I love to watch PBS over the air, from our antennas in the outbuilding attic. The picture is stunningly clear on all our Samsungs (although all the cables and/or the antennas must have been fried, because we are getting nothing since the lightning strike). Some of the Amazon comments indicated the quality of over-the air HD was not so great on the Roku TV. I could get another Samsung, but there were occasions I found it wanting. Perhaps I wanted too much.
  7. Zedia

    Zedia Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    I like my TCL fine. I don’t use Direct TV, but Hulu, Amazon, MLB, etc., are fine. Not particularly stunning, but fine.

    The issue of over-the-air HD quality is interesting. I haven’t noticed it, but I basically only use it for football and the occasional Seinfeld rerun (okay, Hogan’s Heroes too). I still have my old Samsung plasma in the guest room, I’ll try to compare the PBS station tonite.
  8. luckysox

    luckysox Eeyore Bronze Supporter SoSH Member

    I have 3 Roku TVs - so, yes, Like them. Easy, good picture, easy, and very easy. We have 3 different sizes, and all work great and have good pictures. And the price is right. I have not, however, used them for over the air content.
  9. ekim colorwaterpit

    ekim colorwaterpit Member SoSH Member

    One of our tv's is a roku and I love it. Super simple and great interface. My 6 year old is able to navigate it easily.
  10. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    My basement TV is a TCL Roku TV and it works great. It's the exact same thing as if you bought a Roku and plugged it into another TV. The picture quality is great too and all the apps work just fine. I would recommend it.

    It's handy being able to use my phone as the remote with the Roku app too.
  11. InsideTheParker

    InsideTheParker Member SoSH Member

    The Directv guy left. For no charge (?!?) we got a new dish, my husband got a new receiver, and the guy gave us a number to call to lower our bill significantly. (We'll see if there's a catch there.)

    The guy sees a lot of TVs, and he loves the Roku. Recommends it highly. So, that, together with the comments above, have decided me. Ordering one.

    Thanks to all who posted.
  12. dirtynine

    dirtynine Member SoSH Member

    Have one, love it. The antenna is treated like a visual source with its own big box on the home screen grid (like Netflix, Hulu etc) which is exactly as the cord cutter wants it. An onscreen channel guide loads, you can pause live TV (just add USB storage) etc. Good picture from what I can tell.
  13. locknload

    locknload Member SoSH Member


    My experience on DirectTV. Set a calendar reminder when your promo rate is up. Call up on that day, ask for retention, tell them your local cable company is offering them a comparable package for cheaper, plus gift cards/free tablets etc. I would stick around if they can just keep my bill the same. It has worked consistently getting my $40 a month promotional credit extended for going on 5 years plus. Every once and awhile they give us free HBO for 3 months as part of it.
  14. Dernells Casket n Flagon

    Dernells Casket n Flagon Member SoSH Member

    It's been mentioned a few times and while I fully agree with just about any other smart TVs on the market the Roku enabled ones are inherently unique. Roku's job is as a content provider, they're actually becoming more content focused and less hardware focused, so they have a very vested interest in making sure that their OS and all their apps are up to date.

    We have two of the TCLs and absolutely love them both.
  15. Papelbon's Poutine

    Papelbon's Poutine Homeland Security SoSH Member

    Good to know on the Roku being an exception. They seem like great deals, but I've always defaulted to the normal advice. Thanks everyone.

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