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Got Rich Quick (lucrative contacts on short term performance)

Discussion in 'MLB Discussion' started by uilnslcoap, May 4, 2017.

  1. uilnslcoap

    uilnslcoap Member SoSH Member

    I was thinking about players who made big money on a season's or postseason's worth of excellence. The two intra-division examples that come to mind are Derek Lowe's October 2004 (bless him, 4-year, 36M contact immediately following, probably made at least 10M in a month) and the Orioles' Chris Davis's 2013 (7-year, 161M contract immediately following, had to have been at least 60M more on his contract than if it had been after his good 2012).

    David Price definitely doesn't count (too good for too many years before the big contract), for example.

    Who made the most on the least?

    Edit: crap, I think I got Davis's timing wrong. Whatever.
  2. inJacobyWeTrust

    inJacobyWeTrust Member SoSH Member

    Jacoby Ellsbury comes to mind. Got a huge contract based on basically one season of star level performance. There were a few unspectacular years between his ridiculous 2011 and his ridiculous contract in 2013-2014, but I think he fits the bill.
  3. Bunt4aTriple

    Bunt4aTriple Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    How about all that port Mark Blount was able to buy with $41 million? I know that's a pittance now and probably close to vet minimum, but he showcased himself properly in a contract year.
  4. Back Bay

    Back Bay Member SoSH Member

    Hill turns a great month in Boston into nearly $50M contract with the Dodgers. He's living rich now.
  5. sean1562

    sean1562 lurker

    Looking at his career earnings, man, really hit the jackpot in his late 30s. I imagine he never even dreamed of having the kind of cash he has now. good for him.
  6. moondog80

    moondog80 heart is two sizes two small SoSH Member

    Actually Hill turned the great month in Boston into a one year, 6 mil deal with Oakland. He had a good year there (and in LA) which got him the 50 mil deal.

    If you want to go back a bit, how about Mark Davis? Journeyman reliever had a couple of good years as closer in SD including a Cy Young in 1989, signs with KC for what was big money at the time (9.4 mil for 3 years) and never again has a good season.
  7. Saints Rest

    Saints Rest Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    It seems like this happens in other sports far more often than in baseball.
  8. ngruz25

    ngruz25 Bibby SoSH Member

    My first thought was B.J. Ryan, who turned a couple good years as a middle reliever and one dominant year as a closer into the second biggest reliever contract of all time (at the time).

    Unsurprisingly that one didn't pan out for the Blue Jays.
  9. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    It's hard for this to apply to the NFL's largely-unguaranteed contracts, but Albert Haynesworth? His 2008 turns into a 7-year-$100M deal with $41M guaranteed and $32M in the first 13 months. By the end of the 2nd year of the contract the team was basically putting him in detention, gets traded to New England for a bag of balls, and is then released 6 games later (after fighting with Pepper Johnson), and then by TB 7 games later.
  10. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    BJ Ryan was good for years, as you noted.

    The best NFL one I have is Larry Brown, Super Bowl MVP in 1995, who signed a 5 year, $12.5M deal with Oakland that offseason, then was waived after playing just 12 games

    Edit: BJ Ryan was also awesome his first year in Toronto (72+ IP, .857 WHIP, 86K, 1.37 ERA). He then got hurt and was never the same (although decent in 2008, 2.95 ERA, 58 K in 58 IP)
    #10 tims4wins, May 5, 2017
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  11. Ford Frick's Asterisk

    Ford Frick's Asterisk Member SoSH Member

    Wasn't Gary Matthews Jr. the poster boy for this? He bounced around for years as a defensive center fielder who couldn't hit. Then he turned one Texas-inflated All-Star season at age 31 into a 5 year/$50 million deal from the Angels. He then put up 30 HR/30 SB stretched out over 3 seasons, with an 86 OPS+ before they cut their losses. In the last year of the deal he was payed $12 million not to play.
  12. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    Carl Pavano turned one good year into a lot of money.
  13. Ramon AC

    Ramon AC Member SoSH Member

    Chone Figgins puts up a defense-heavy 7.7 bWAR, gets $35m over 4 years from Seattle, proceeds to post a total of -.9 over the next three years before being released.
  14. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    He was a pretty good player for like 5 years before the contract
  15. Ramon AC

    Ramon AC Member SoSH Member

    Examples in the OP were Derek Lowe and Chris Davis. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  16. curly2

    curly2 Member SoSH Member

    Showing my age here, but Wayne Garland had a very good year for the Orioles at age 25, was eligible for free agency under the old rules and signed a 10-year contract with the Indians.

    Needless to say, it did not go well.
  17. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Member SoSH Member

    Yes, but Dan Duquette turned Carl Pavano into Pedro Martinez.

    One feat is more impressive than the other.

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