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DD won't renegotiate JDM's deal this winter

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by nattysez, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. nattysez

    nattysez Member SoSH Member

    Asked today if the Sox would consider renegotiating/extending JDM's deal this off-season, DD said no.

    It's fortunate the Sox have another guaranteed year of JDM. I'll be curious to see what happens after 2019 if he maintains his productivity and health. It's not like he had a lot of suitors banging down his door this off-season, and his playability in the OF is not going to improve as he ages, so it'll likely (hopefully) be safest for him to maintain his current deal rather than rolling the dice on the opt-out.

  2. koufax32

    koufax32 He'll cry if he wants to... SoSH Member

    Is DD saying that the team benefits from giving a player opt-outs?

    There really is no reason to try something here as it would no doubt cost a lot more money. I’m fully on board with the cross that bridge when we get to it approach to both he and Sale.
  3. DadOfFenway

    DadOfFenway Member SoSH Member

    Tough to gage the right move at this point... coming off WS tittle - JD had an amazing year... Red Sox Nation on a high and that gives DD time to make these decisions - we can keep a team together for another run.. but he needs to be smart about long term $$ as things are about to get expensive for the B's and others - sad to say but in four years this team will look totally different again.
  4. Minneapolis Millers

    Minneapolis Millers Member SoSH Member

    If JD wanted to do a Kershaw and just tack on another guaranteed year, at a lower AAV which would help a bit with the team’s handling of the LT, then sure. Let’s talk. Otherwise, might as well wait. Lots can and will happen.
  5. Harry Hooper

    Harry Hooper Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Given that he injured the same foot that had the Lisfranc injury history from before he signed with the Sox, I can't fault DD for not doing anything to alter the contract until (at a minimum) the team gets a good look at him in ST.
  6. moondog80

    moondog80 heart is two sizes two small SoSH Member


    Right. From JDM's (and Boras') standppoint, "renegotiate" would mean a long term, big money deal. And there's no reason for the Sox to do that, not when they can just wait until next year and sign him anyway if he still warrants it.
  7. ToeKneeArmAss

    ToeKneeArmAss Paul Byrd's pitching coach Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Whenever I see "Lisfranc" I think "Allen Craig". Then I shudder uncontrollably.

    I love JDM and hate to think we might lose him to an opt-out at a point when he's still highly productive. But I think we have to trust the FO to figure out how to keep the core together for the long run.
  8. Red(s)HawksFan

    Red(s)HawksFan Member SoSH Member

    Thing is, Martinez can't "do a Kershaw" for another year. Kershaw got that extra year from the Dodgers because he was going to opt-out immediately if they didn't. Martinez can't do that until next winter. Neither side has any real incentive to re-negotiate right now.
  9. Savin Hillbilly

    Savin Hillbilly loves the secret sauce SoSH Member

    I don't see why this year would make DD want to renegotiate--it was the year I assume he expected. The reason not to go for something like 7/150+ in the first place was never that JDM wasn't a good bet to rock the house in his first year.
  10. Minneapolis Millers

    Minneapolis Millers Member SoSH Member

    Well, you're right, he can't force the Sox to the table, because he's not currently in a position to opt out. But of course he can go to them and say, "I LOVE Boston and am never going to leave, and I love my teammates, and I want to help you create the space you need to start extending them, so … let's do like Kershaw...." Chances that he does that now? Pretty close to 0. End of next year? Maybe a little higher, but likely not with Boras' blessing! Especially after Harper and Machado push the top end of the market further upward...

    We essentially agree: Despite the post-championship glow, no need or real incentive for either side to do anything right now.
  11. Red(s)HawksFan

    Red(s)HawksFan Member SoSH Member

    IF (big if) Martinez wanted to go to Dombrowski and the Red Sox and profess a desire to stay forever and help create space, all he has to do is sit tight and not opt-out. By opting out, it increases his 2018 and 2019 "cap hits" from $22M to $23.75M since the years at the end for lesser salary would be eliminated from the average. Unless you're suggesting he work a deal to reduce his cap number by adding years at even less dollars. Doubt that will happen.

    BTW, Kershaw didn't do the Dodgers any favors in terms of creating space to extend others. His old deal was for an AAV of $30.7M. His new deal is for $31M AAV. Basically all he did was squeeze another $32M out of them.
  12. JimD

    JimD Member SoSH Member

    I hope JDM *does* opt out, because it will mean that he just put up another great season for the Red Sox in the year before the championship window may start to close.
  13. edoug

    edoug Member SoSH Member

    #13 edoug, Nov 8, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  14. Spelunker

    Spelunker Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    That is absolutely hilarious.
  15. bosox79

    bosox79 Member SoSH Member

    I imagine they change the rule so that doesn't happen again.
  16. BusRaker

    BusRaker lurker

    I wonder if it's the first outfield to pick up two gold glove winners and two silver slugger winners in the same year.
  17. BusRaker

    BusRaker lurker

    Nope, the 1990,1991,1992 Pirates did it with Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke / Bobby Bonilla
  18. Plympton91

    Plympton91 bubble burster SoSH Member

    The “long run” for this core is 2019. They need to treat it as a GFIN year and worry about 2020 later.

    I don’t expect a full Astros’ multi-year rebuild after that, but they will lose a lot of reasonably cost-effective talent or market value talent after next year (Sale, Porcelo, Bradley, Moreland, JDM), will need to be paying Betts, Bogaerts, Edro, close to market value / 3rd arb year deals, and they don’t have much hope of filling any of those holes with the farm system unless somebody is having a fire sale. Pedroia having a late career resurgence would help a whole lot.

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