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Bruins Prospect News and Notes

Discussion in 'Rick Middleton's Pron 'Stache: Bruins Forum' started by cshea, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Salem's Lot

    Salem's Lot Andy Moog! Andy God Damn Moog! SoSH Member

    I’d rather keep Grzelcyk. McAvoy can take Krug’s power play time.
  2. TFP

    TFP Dope Dope

    That would be a significant step down. Which I'm ok with, but Krug's offense is pretty irreplaceable among their current D roster. He's 5th in the NHL in scoring among defensemen over the last 3 years. He's an elite offensive defenseman, especially on the PP. Expecting McAvoy to replace that is unlikely (but not impossible). Expecting Grzelcyk to replace it is like expecting Moore to replace it. The only thing in common between Grz and Krug is their height and which way they hold their stick.

    That said, if the argument is that Krug is going to get overpaid after next year and they don't have any desire to spend on him while understanding they can get good value in return, I can understand trading him. But it won't be because they have people who can replace his production, because they don't.
  3. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    Agree on Vaakanainen being their best young defenseman (I'm assuming you're ignoring McAvoy because he's already a stud). Not sure he'll ever be the physical defender Hjalmarsson is/was, but it's a pretty good comparison as far a really good player in the defensive and neutral zone. Stylistically, Hampus Lindholm is a good comparable. Or Grzelcyk without his physical limitations. He defends by being smart and fast, and can transition the puck.

    Yeah I have mixed feelings on trading Krug. His offense is unique and valuable, but any trade hypotheticals assume you're getting offense back at C/W. I also think he is going to age very poorly, and would rather sell a year early than a year late (or never). I think the offense they'd gain from getting another 2C would cancel out what they'd lose from Krug and make them a much more balanced team. But it's a risky move.

    Cshea left out the AHL guys. Maybe that was intentional, as there's not much positive to talk about there. Senyshyn has continued to disappoint, Frederic has really struggled. Zboril has been fine, but not pushing for a callup. The goaltending has been bad statistically, although I'm assuming some of that has to do with the defense. Vladar has been meh, and McIntyre has been terrible. Vladar is still pretty young though, and it's a positive sign that he's outplayed McIntyre.

    While their high end prospects in Providence have disappointed, it does seem like they have a handful of depth guys that can step into the bottom of the NHL roster. Colby Cave has probably been the best P-Bruin, and he's filled in ok in a bottom 6 role. Cliffton/Lauzon have been pretty good and held their own in the NHL. Bjork/Gemel Smith have been really good in their limited minutes, I'd assume they're the next 2 up in case of emergency. Blidh/Kuhlman could probably eat some 4th line minutes just fine too.
  4. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    Thirded on Shen. When I saw him at the World juniors, he looked like he’ll be a contributor in the show. Vaakanainan didn’t really stand out to me, but was just solid as fuck. I was a bit surprised to see the mpg numbers for him, but that’s fabulous. Another guy who will almost certainly contribute in Boston.
  5. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    Studnicka traded to Niagra today. A marginally better team. Don't know enough about junior hockey to have much analysis. Niagra does seem to have more high-end talent up front looking at their numbers.

  6. cshea

    cshea Member SoSH Member

    Studnicka joins Bukac on Niagara.

    I was going to put Providence players in the Providence thread, but never got around to it. Agreed that there isn’t too much intriguing going on down there. Fitzgerald is their leading scorer, but just got hurt. Cehlarik has been decent, but I feel like they’ve written him off and he’ll be trade fodder. Senyshyn has 11 goals in 32 games, so at least there is a slight up tick in production from a year ago. He is almost 100 games into his AHL career though and a sub .50 points per game average isn’t really what you want out of a top pick. If we want to take a glass half full approach, he’s got 6 goals 1 assist and 29 SOG in his last 10, so maybe he’s figured something out.

    It is hard to get a read on the D, the AHL doesn’t provide TOI stats. I think the depth chart is pretty clear though- Vaak, Lauzon, Clifton, Zboril.
  7. Eddie Jurak

    Eddie Jurak Go Leafs Go Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    This is all spot on. For a long time I had hopes that Krug's defensive game would progress, which it really hasn't. But his offensive game, already good, has continured to progress, to a point where he's nearly a point per game guy now.

    It's remarkable how different Grzelcyk and Krug are (now and going forward) as players.

    My preference would be to keep Krug because he brings something unique to the table, but it's true that money might dictate otherwise.
  8. lexrageorge

    lexrageorge Member SoSH Member

    I wouldn't rush to trade Krug during this season. The team is on a run, and Krug's ability to drive the offense is a key part of that run. Despite his somewhat misleading +/- stats, he's still a plus possession player. And their defensive depth will be a valuable commodity come the playoffs, especially in a matchup with Tampa.

    I can understand trying to move on from him during the offseason. Both McAvoy and Carlo will be RFA's, Chara will be UFA, Grzelcyk will be on the final year of his rookie contract, and both Miller and Krug will be UFA the following offseason. Despite being a rental, his skills are still hard to find among defensemen, and so he should fetch a decent return.
  9. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    I like what Sweeny had to say about Vaakanainen:

  10. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    Cool picture from the P-Bruins' game tonight

  11. veritas

    veritas Member SoSH Member

    Speaking of Studnicka in the other thread, he's on a tear since being traded to Niagra: 9g, 9a, 18p in 12 games
  12. AMcGhie

    AMcGhie Set Adrift on Memory Bliss SoSH Member

    Speaking of tears:

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