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Boston College Hoops 2018-2019

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by Eagle3, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. berniecarbo1

    berniecarbo1 Member SoSH Member

    BC is a mid major (in basketball) playing in a "major" conference. I did an analysis of the program going back almost 50 years a few seasons ago and when you look at the body of work, BC is basically a mediocre "NIT level" basketball program. Yes, it has had a few runs in the Big Dance but that usually is every 10 years or so for a 2-3 season stretch (generally they catch lightning in a bottle with a recruiting class every 10 years or so and have great years (2-3) till that class graduates). Then its back to NIT bids or no bids at all.

    Their coaches for the most part achieve greater glory either before (Bob Cousy) or after they work on the Heights (Chuck Daly, Jim O'Brien, Gary Williams and Tom Davis to name a few). The only coach that reached their apex at BC, IMHO, is Al Skinner. Not that it is much of an apex.

    In any event, BC is a development program, not only in football but in basketball, and that holds true not only for the players but the coaches. The problem is that the facilities for basketball are now 30+ years old. Unlike football that has seen upgrades in the last few years, that is not the case for basketball. So, when you have an apathetic fan base, coupled with poor facilities, relative to your league competition, you have a tough road to hoe. They also have competition for recruits not only from the ACC but the Big East as well. Go to the Dunkin Center in Providence and watch a PC game against a BE opponent. The place is not Cameron but it certainly is a hell of a lot more energetic than Conte. And PC hoops is the big man on campus. BC hoops is clearly an after thought from the students to the administration. Put all that together and you have a recipe for mediocrity....and apathy, which is the worst thing for an athletic program.
  2. gingerbreadmann

    gingerbreadmann Member SoSH Member

    The apathy is truly the worst part, especially when it is coming from the top of the university downwards. In my eyes there's no reason BC has to sit back and accept its fate as a mid-major (as you put it), but more than any other factor, they choose to continue this way. Because of the built-in disadvantages described in the last few posts, BC is never going to fall ass-backwards into sustained success longer than a few years. But we also don't know what the ceiling is for the program because BC has never swung for it.

    If the school built a dedicated practice/team facility (they don't even need to replace Conte) and splurged for a coach with youth, ambition, and personality -- I'm thinking Buzz Williams as the obvious archetype but it doesn't have to be someone with that high a profile -- and that failed miserably, I would feel more comfortable saying "this is the way it is." At least they will have gone down swinging. But what we have seen for the last ten years is just dreadful. The apathy from the school has created, rightfully, apathy among the fans. BC (like PC) doesn't have to make the tournament every year to be a success, but they have to create the belief that it's within the realm of possibility. They need to field a team that excites fans and overperforms expectations at least once in a while.

    Being in the ACC is a massive advantage that a shrewd athletic department can take great advantage of. New England produces a pretty solid amount of BB talent, way more than football, and that's not even considering the numerous prep schools that attract actual top talent from across the country. It wouldn't be impossible for BC to put itself in the mix for even a handful of players a year from the proverbial backyard, and that would go a long way towards easing the reliance on finding overlooked recruits (something we have always been decent at) and/or "lightning in a bottle" recruiting classes to carry the program. Even if we find a good coach who leaves for a bigger name, so what? Keep trying to find more.

    Hiring Jarmond seemed like a signal that the school was willing to put itself out there a bit and take some risks in order to shake up the way things have been going the last ten years or so. I don't know who is really calling the shots, but it's beyond time to take action. Even some baby steps could pay off in unexpected ways. I grew up during the Bell/Smith/Dudley era so I may have more optimism than many here, but having lived through that I just can't accept that this is the way it has to be forever.
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  3. RedOctober3829

    RedOctober3829 Member SoSH Member

    Rutgers is in a similar position in the Big Ten. It's really tough to compete with the top eschelon in the Big Ten without facility upgrades. The school, however, is building a brand new practice facility for the men's and women's teams which should be ready for next year. They hired a coach in Steve Pikiell who is high-energy, great personality, and has built championship-level programs from literally the bottom up. The department pumped a ton of money into the coaching staff and hired quality coaches who are good recruiters. They dealt with fan apathy in the Eddie Jordan era, but now the program has new blood pumped in and people are excited.

    If BC just takes some of that ACC TV revenue money and upgrades the facilities like you said above it would go a long ways. Hiring the right coach who knows it's going to be a slow build and can energize the fanbase in the meantime is required as well.
  4. Doctor G

    Doctor G Member SoSH Member

    The school never replaced Reid Oslin as an SID who cultivated a relationship with tge local media.That is one rwason there is such an appallung level if apathy.BC needs a better job by the atletic department in selling the various programs.The Beanpot and the hockey team sell themselves.Who is selling AJDillon and Ky Bowman
  5. yeahlunchbox

    yeahlunchbox Member SoSH Member

    It looks like Mike Laprey handles basketball for you guys now. I can't speak about Reid but I can tell you Mike was phenomenal at URI
  6. Humphrey

    Humphrey Member SoSH Member

    Did anyone attend the Miami game? Don't know if it was the way they had the crowd mik'd up, but the crowd noise on tv was non-existent. The place was half full, too, although pretty spread out which at a glance made it not look that bad. Apathy indeed.
    Also, it was an awful game, wonder if Larranaga is in worse shape job-security-wise vis-a-vis Christian. He's also 69 or 70 years old.
  7. doldmoose34

    doldmoose34 impregnated Melissa Theuriau SoSH Member

    Bernie and Ginger, great analysis and like football we all know who the problem is, Lahey and I don’t mean BC’80somthing Frank. To quote Regan ‘the fish rots from the head’ he is willing to take the ACC $$$ but look how long it took to get IPF and Baseball/Softball facilitates on Seminary land.

    The other problem is that we are land locked, we need practice facilities for both Hockey and Hoop, where can we put them?

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