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2018 Golf Thread

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by jercra, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. ConigliarosPotential

    ConigliarosPotential Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    Progress, yes; visible progress, not so much. We'll get there...we just don't know exactly how long it will take yet.
    £60 for the year. (By comparison, full membership at Machrihanish is just over £350 for the year, while Dunbar it's a bit more than twice the Machrihanish figure. And yes, I'm completely spoiled in this regard...although I doubt I played much more than 10 rounds of golf last year, so I didn't exactly get good value for money.)
  2. doldmoose34

    doldmoose34 impregnated Melissa Theuriau SoSH Member

    Ok it’s 2 pm Christmas Eve, and I just turned on the Golf Channel, Shell’s wonderful world of golf, a show I loved as a kid watching thru the winter when we couldn’t play
    Arnie vs Jack @ Pinehutst #2 from 1994
    How technology has changed the game;
    13th hole, Arnie in midst of fairway, 137 out Hits an 8iron to about 10’
    I’m a 63 year old 15 handicap and that’s a 9 for me.
    They both just hit 5irons into 15, 189 par 3
  3. Light-Tower-Power

    Light-Tower-Power Member SoSH Member

    I played this morning. It was about 35 degrees with some on and off flurries. Frozen greens were ok to putt on but man was it impossible to land anything on the green without it bouncing 3 feet in the air and going off the back.
  4. FL4WL3SS

    FL4WL3SS Member SoSH Member

    Your 9 iron is probably the same loft as that 8 iron. Technology has definitely improved, but lofts have gotten way stronger.
  5. jercra

    jercra Member SoSH Member

    A Callaway 1994 5 iron was 26*. A new set of Rogue irons is 23*. That's damn near an entire club worth of loft. Add to that better understanding of spin and launch angles, especially as they realte to clubhead weight distribution and the difference between golf balls over the past 25 years and you're probably an entire club behind them, not one above them. Interestingly, the club changes aren't universal. I checked Mizuno mp18 and that 5 iron is actually 27*.
  6. Comfortably Lomb

    Comfortably Lomb Koko the Monkey SoSH Member

    It really depends on the set. Game improvement style irons have even lower lofts but also are designed to produce a different ball flight--higher launch per loft and less spin--so they're not really a good comparison point.

    I'm betting Nicklaus was playing still playing very traditional iron lofts and very little tech (if any) in 1994. His PW was probably still 50-52 degrees. Even a modern set of blades, like the Mizuno MP-18 or Titliest MB, have a 47-48 degree PW and assume the player will carry 2-3 wedges beyond that. Nicklaus went right into his SW from PW and a lot of players did at the time.

    Assume mostly 4 degree gaps through the set and his 5-iron had a 30-32 loft too (or a modern blade 6-iron loft). That's not exactly short at 189 yards.

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