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2017 Dodgers Thread: Cody Bellinger, Come On Down (and stay).

Discussion in 'Adopt-a-Team' started by Snodgrass'Muff, May 11, 2017.

  1. Snodgrass'Muff

    Snodgrass'Muff oppresses WARmongers SoSH Member

    Toles done for the year with a torn ACL.

    Bellinger avoided being sent back down when Pederson returned from the DL because Adrian Gonzalez got hurt. This all but assures him a place on the roster for the rest of the season, especially given his performance to date (315/383/704 with 6 HR).

    The Dodgers currently have the 6th best offense in the game by wRC+, and the number one pitching staff by ERA, FIP and xFIP, so while the Toles loss is going to hurt, they are well positioned to absorb it if Gonzalez can get back healthy and roughly as productive as he was last year.

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