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I think if a guy strikes out 12 straight batters he's worthy of his own thread? More seriously though, he sounds like a kid who has a great feel for his craft, and that alone might get him to the show someday.

Padron-Artilles is a native of Cuba but was drafted in 2018 out of Miami-Dade Community College. From today's Globe piece he sits in the upper 80s with his fastball (touching 94) and high 60s with a slow curve, but has added a slider and already had a changeup. The Globe story talks glowingly about his fastball command, potentially making up for the so-so velocity.

[He might just go by Padrón, so maybe the Artilles part is his mom's family name? This El Nuevo Herald article about him calls him Padrón, and they would probably know better than the Globe.]

Seems to have trained a bunch with Livan Hernandez in Miami before being drafted.

At age 21, he's been dominant at low-A Lowell, with a record of 7-1, 2.71 and 11.8 k/9 and 2 bb/9. He put in 6 games at Greenville where he went 0-2, 5.32 with 9.5 k/9. Full stats at Soxprospects.com. Game logs at MiLB.

Looks like he started poorly at Greenville and got demoted, although he had a couple solid outings there. Back at Lowell things clicked and he had a strong season, albeit with one last trip to Greenville where he had a mixed outing (4ip, 3ER, 7ks). Seems ticketed for Greenville in 2020.

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after Jay Groome gave up 2 runs in 2 2/3 inning last night against Brooklyn in the final game of the series, and Dylan Spacke finished up the 3rd inning, Yusniel pitched the final 5 innings of the Spinners' season, allowing 3 hits (1 triple) and 2 earned runs, walking none and striking out 6 and taking the loss.