Wright Thompson - ESPN's only decent excuse to exist


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Jul 22, 2005
I was going to shoehorn this great piece somewhere in BbtL, but figured there must be a Wright Thomspon thread in the Media Forum. Turns out there wasn't, so there is now. I have enjoyed this guys work for years.

He is definitely inspired by the late great Hunter S. Thompson (no relation so far as I know), wielding a sharp wit and a truly Southern (in the best possible way) style of elegant storytelling. He is an absolute master of the closing graf. I'm a fan.

Here's another couple of his pieces I really enjoyed:

Best Tiger Woods piece ever (I know it's been linked in the golf forum before, but whatever):

Best Theo Epstein piece ever (Again, I know it's been linked here before)

Unforgettable piece on the death of a college hoops coach


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Sep 27, 2016
Thompson's really got an obsession about writing about obsession, doesn't he? But man, he does that theme as well as Posnanski does childlike joy and wonder.