World Cup Pick 'Em Pool?


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Jul 30, 2009
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Seems like we have to do a WC pool of some sort, right?!?? I'll offer to do it, but I'm sure there's someone else who would be better equipped to handle. If so, please raise your SOSH-hand.

Biggest question to me is whether to do this on our own (a la @candylandriots ' excellent EPL Survivor game) or use a website as a platform. I found 2 links, both of which look a bit sketchy, for an online platform:

Link 1

Link 2

Even though Link 1 looks prettier, Link 2 offers different formats and strikes me as a better platform, even if it looks like a web 1.0 protocol/UI. Again, I'm sure someone can find something better.

In preparing this post, I gotta tell you that I considered the possibility that we could do KO picks after the group stage finished. Usually there's 3-4 days between the last group game and the first KO. Well, my friends, QATAR is having none of that. The DAY AFTER groups G and H play matchday 3 (Friday 12/02), Groups A-D will play their KO games (Saturday 12/03). The groupstage itself--i.e., 3 matches--will be played over the course of 10 days. That's all just raging batshit.

Edit: I'm putting this in as an edit even though I haven't even posted yet, BECAUSE 3 matches over 10 days is not even the worst. Some teams will play their 3 group stage games in 9 days, and if they make the KOs have 4 games in 12 days. This tournament is going to be an epic shitshow. If teams don't rotate heavily, players muscles are going to fall off, and quickly.
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Mar 30, 2004
I'm so very sorry @candylandriots ! Es tut mir Leid! (?)
That's actually very well done!

There is a guy I used to work with who runs a World Cup pool. I would be happy to give invites to anyone. But full disclosure (and I don't think this is a bad thing - just something to know) - its a) in Canadian dollars and b) he skims 20% off the top for the Canadian Cancer Society. But, for example, his NFL survivor pool has like 2500 participants at this point, though I doubt the WC will be quite that big, but still bigger than what we could arrange here.

If anyone is interested in that, I'm happy to give you an invite to that. I've brought a bunch of people into his pools before, and they're always well-run, sizeable and fun -- and everyone seems to like them. So, if there's interest in this here, I can shoot him a message and let him know.


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Dec 16, 2010
Are we going to try something? Even if there's no $$$ involved?


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Apr 6, 2006
It has updated the standings now...... Merkle's Boner and RPIBruin are tied with a sparking 16 out of 64 correct at the moment.


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Aug 19, 2009
Topsy turvy table, now has a 4 way first place tie with 11 points...Wild.