Where can I find a four port, two way splitter?

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Jul 31, 2003
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I have a mac and a PC on my desk, and I use a simple splitter to switch between them. All good. I need to add a 2nd monitor, but I still want to be able to use a splitter to switch between the mac and the PC.

Is this possible? Everything I find on the google seems like it wouldn't fit this particular bill.



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Apr 3, 2001
You mean you want a dual-monitor-output kvm for two PCs?

If I'm understanding you correctly something like this?

(you'd have to research correct brands/models...I have no idea if this one is particularly good)


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Oct 2, 2004
I can't see Nip's link, but at my previous employer we used an older version of these:

They work reasonably well, but the older version sometimes "loses" the second PC and you have to power cycle the KVM (this is with heavy switching usage, undocking one PC all the time, re-docking it, and doing some crazy stuff to it very often - if you leave things plugged in/on all the time it's pretty happy). We never found anything better, and our IT guy tried a lot of different brands.

edit: this thing, since my amazon link doesn't seem to work either: https://www.startech.com/Server-Management/KVM-Switches/2-Port-Dual-DVI-USB-KVM-Switch-with-Audio-20-Hub~SV231DD2DUA is what we used
https://www.startech.com/Server-Management/KVM-Switches/2-port-dual-dp-kvm-switch~SV231DPDDUA2 is the DisplayPort version, but we definitely had the DVI one at my old job.

edit2: I think some people later got iogear ones, but I don't recall anything good/bad about those.
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