Week 8 - Patriots @ Bills


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Jul 18, 2005
Waltham, MA
What do you mean?

Perfumation by dilution.
Okay, that makes complete sense. It just seems like a lot of work for very little effect. I don't know about anyone else, but I can take down an entire fresh batch of ice with one go. They aren't refilling the urinals every 5 minutes.


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Sep 27, 2016

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
This may have been the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep during a Pats game. Between three straight long nights with the Sox and the boredom of last night’s game, I couldn’t take it anymore. I think I went down the moment McCourty’s broke the plane of the end zone.


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Oct 11, 2007
For comparison, Usain Bolt's record-setting 100m run in 2009 in Berlin had him topping out at 27.8mph, but over the course of 100m he averaged 23.35mph.

Devin McCourty just came within 20% of that while wearing pads, cleats, a helmet, carrying a football, and being chased by very large men.
To be fair, this should have helped his speed, not hurt it.



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Jul 19, 2005
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Perhaps with the backdrop of the Sox, that Pats win was not particularly satisfying. Make no mistake, a win in the NFL is a win, and I take nothing for granted, but the offense looked out of sorts all night, Gronk looks hobbled and Josh Gordon still looks nothing like the guy in the YouTube highlight videos. Again, I'm happy for the win but I found that game to be reasonably disconcerting until they put it away.

BUT on the bright side, I have been hoping for a Pick 6 for literally years. Finally got one and McCourty's extra gear was sports porn.

Onto GB.


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Jun 27, 2012
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Combo of jet lag, Friday night's Sox game and then two more over the weekend, staying up too late celebrating on Sunday night, and way too much celebratory alcohol, and I was toast in the first half of this game. Managed to stick around until almost halftime, and then passed out. First time in a long time I can remember not watching a whole game, sounds like I didn't miss much.

We're on to Green Bay.


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Jul 22, 2005
Disappointed by the lack of a dildo sighting.
First of all...Prom night!

Secondly, I wanted to pile on in terms of this MNF booth. Booger is literally the worst I have ever heard. Every time a play works, his narrative changes: "See, that's what they need to do right there! Make big passing plays!"...."See, that's what they need to do right there! Run the ball!"...it's fucking awful.