Week 12 (Game 11!): Patriots @ Vikings on Thursday


Loves Aaron Judge
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Feb 4, 2012
He threw a td that was over turned on b
He got got face masked (mn got 2-3 of these called).
he was tripped on the sack

this has been a bag job
Yeah - but on a huge 3rd in an unlikely situation, he took the sack. had a great game - didn't come through when he needed to. Would have made the 4 a lot more achievable.


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Oct 1, 2015
Bummer of a loss in a game I really thought they kinda had to have.


Nice to see the offense finally show up. If they can stabilize the defense and keep the offense moving, they’ll be ok.


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Nov 21, 2005
Somerville, MA
I don’t feel terrible about this game. They did some dumb shit but still had two scoring plays fucked up by the refs. Most teams can’t overcome that and they battled all day. Not the result I wanted, but they competed against a good team.