Updated Pats Coaching Thread


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Apr 16, 2007
I was listening to some media interviews today, and it looks like some of the assistant coaching changes are becoming public. As I was best able to piece together we have:

Josh McDaniels (OC/QBs) - same as 2018
Nick Caley (TEs) - same as 2018
Joe Judge (WRs) - he's remaining the ST coordinator in addition to this new role. Sounds busy.
Ivan Fears (RB) - same as 2018
Dante Scarnecchia (OL) - same as 2018

Bret Bielema (DL) - still wouldn't be suprised to see him calling plays as de facto DC if Bill doesn't do it
Jerod Mayo (ILB) - he mentioned that the hours needed to be put in are surprising him, my biggest concern with him
DeMarcus Covington (OLB) - he was an assistant last year and it sounds like he's also working with DL in some capacity
Steve Belichick (S) - same as 2018. I thought he was a dark horse defensive playcaller, but I doubt that now
Mike Pellegrino (CB) - promoted from defensive assistant

Special Teams:
Joe Judge (ST Coordinator) - same as 2018, with the added responsibility of WRs coach
Cameron Achord (Asst ST) - same as 2018

Mick Lombardi was rumored to be hired as assistant QBs coach, but I don't know if that's still in the cards.

Bob Fraser is evidently not around the team, which was expected as he was a Schiano-specific hire.

If anyone has any more updates or speculation, let's hear it.

EL Jeffe

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Aug 30, 2006
I read an interesting nugget the other day (can't remember where) that they REALLY like Mayo and he's likely to be groomed for the DC role (despite having no coaching experience).

The Jamie Collins report made me think of this. If Mayo can get Collins motivated and going, that could end up being a really nice acquisition for what will surely be short and cheap money.