Today is Morgan Magic Day -- Post Like You Want To Win

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Dec 2, 2001
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It is July 10, 2019.

On July 10, 1988, at the end of the All Star break, Walpole Joe Morgan took over as manager of an under-performing Sox nine and led them to the playoffs.That team was 43-42 at the break.

We don't need a new manager -- Cora is no "Happy to be .500" McNamara -- but we must summon the spirit of 1988 and make a run, SoSH.

Fact is, the posting here on the main board has been .500 at best. The bullpen thread reminds me of Dennis Lamp -- ya know you need one, but you're never happy to see it.

We got seven pages on Blake Swihart -- pride of Rio Rancho . Nobody weeps harder for Blake than I do -- I wrote 10,000 words on him for the ole DOTCOM. Looks like Fisky, plays like Marc Sullivan. Gave old Gammo his last hard-on. But Blake is gone -- back to the West from whence he came, tall, reluctant, hero amongst the tumbleweeds, still fumbling for his six-shooter.

The Trade Deadline thread included a Danny Duffy mention. I don't know who that is and I shan't dignify that thread by googling him. That's malaise -- Jimmy Carter putting on a sweater, the Trade Deadline Thread incapable of proposing an improbable blockbuster.

So in the second half of this hangover season, we need to post looser, riskier -- Joe Morgan hunches, like starting .200 hitting Jody Reed instead of sending his ass to Pawtucket.

July 10 -- two , six, and even.