Ticket Problems and Possible Blackouts


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Jul 14, 2005
Jer said:
This was my experience in the two games I attended (1st two home games). I think the searches are fallout from the marathon bombing.
Have things sped up as the season progressed?
In years past I cruised in just like Fisks described. Usually much faster if you go wide around the herd.
Unfortunately it's just gotten worse as the season progressed - I'm sure because it's colder and people are wearing multiple layers. Either way, I feel like they could just add 6-7 more people doing the manual security screenings and it would be much better... hopefully they fix it for next year.


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Dec 22, 2003
To add, I've been to four games this year and haven't had to wait more than 5 minutes at the gate to get in; this includes arriving 20 minutes or so before kickoff. I think it's a matter of finding the right line; not sure. The "go around the herd" point is correct, and I use the gate near the hospital (Bank of America, I think).