The Silver Hat Draft Prediction Thread

Dec 10, 2012
Dan to Theo to Ben said:
The first offensive player Pats draft is either a Center or Jarvis Landry
The first defensive player Pats draft is an inside Linebacker (i.e. keep Mayo outside)
The first defensive back drafted by the Patriots is Christian Jones with pick 93
Pats draft QB from west of the Mississippi in the first 6 rounds, they try and fail to trade up to get Derek Carr
Pats draft a punter
Pats trade a 2015 pick for a 2014 pick
TAMU goes B2B2B in the first 5 picks only B2B and lower than guessed
Mosley and Clinton Dix go B2B somewhere between 15 and 20 Somewhat close
Bridgewater falls out of the top 20, Bortles (and Manziel) both go ahead of him. Something right, but not that big of a stretch
Kelvin Benjamin is the 3rd WR taken
Steelers draft Tre Mason with pick 46
Connor Shaw is Mr. Irrelevant


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Mar 16, 2008
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DanoooME said:
Browns trade up to #2 to make sure they get Manziel.  Rams still get Robinson plus a 3rd.
Seahawks trade out of 1st round when Bridgewater falls and multiple teams give them offers, so they get something crazy like a 2014 #2 and a 2015 #1.
Kiper rips no fewer than 5 teams for strange picks that even people who know football scratch their heads about (most likely candidates: Raiders, Jets, Bills, Eagles, Lions)
49ers draft Aldon Smith's replacement in the 1st round despite picking up his option year.
Cardinals draft a RB in the first round.
1. LOL, they got Manziel, just a lot lower.  Good for them
2. They didn't get the crazy bid unfortunately.  A 2 and a 4.  They needed more competition from Oakland and Tampa and didn't get it.
3. Didn't watch ESPN, so I can't say how this turned out
4. Nope, drafted a safety
5. I guess they aren't totally dumb any more.
So I went 0-5 unless somebody can tell me Kiper went on a sniping spree.

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Dec 28, 2000
wutang112878 said:

Awesome topic:
  • Manziel slips to the 20s
  • Texans draft Clowney, imagine him and Watt
  • Patriots select a QB in the 1st-3rd round
  • One of Jacksonville, Cleveland or Oakland move back to the teen range to draft a QB
  • Seattle moves up into the early 20s
  • Cowboys move up
  • Titans take Bridgewater

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Nov 5, 2000
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Super Nomario said:
In the spirit of this thread, in no particular order:
  1. The first offensive player the Pats draft is a tackle
  2. The Pats double-dip at DL ... but not in either of the first two rounds
  3. The Pats draft at least one player in the first three rounds that doesn't fit with anything they've done before - a first-round WR, an undersized DT, someone with a bad 3-cone time, a hulking OG, etc.
  4. The Pats draft a corner in the 3rd or 4th round and that player is 5'10" or 5'11"
  5. The Pats don't draft a linebacker at all (ha!) - or a tight end
  6. The Pats draft Logan Thomas
  7. The three top QB prospects (Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles) all end up going in the top 10 after all
5 is still alive. 3 was right spectacularly - I'd say every player they've drafted so far has been a departure (Easley's size, Garoppolo's hand size, White's size, Stork and Fleming's lack of athleticism).
Everything else was extremely wrong.

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Dec 28, 2000
Mugsys Jock said:
Colt Lyerla drafted by somebody no later than Round 5
Pats draft two TE's, but none of the top 4 (Ebron, ASJ, Amaro, Niklas)
SEC QBs Metteberger, McCarron, Murray all gone by Round 3
Despite the late-breaking hype, Garropolo and Savage are available in Round 5
Carraun Reid also a third rounder
Pats will draft a total of 7 players, including two in the seventh round
Pats draft no RBs before 6th round, possibly none at all
Wisconsin QB and generational talent Bo Buchanan drops to #6 (I hope I'm the only one who saw that God-awful movie. It was for work, honest!)
Yeah, I'm good...


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SeoulSoxFan said:
  • Jets trade their #1 + #3 this year and a #1 next year in moving up to pick up WR Sammy Watkins at pick #3
  • Patriots trade Ridley for a 6th rounder. Picks up RB Jeremy Hill in round 2 (or trades Vereen for a 6th and picks up RB Bishop Sankey in round 3)
  • Patriots do not pick up a TE until the very end of the draft, if at all
  • Patriots double up on DL with first two rounds but neither will be named Hageman
  • Patriots select a LB in first or 2nd round, ahead of OL, DL, or TE (here's looking at you, SN)
  • Clowney is not the 1st overall selection
  • Patriots do not select an OL until round 4, and his name is Brandon Thomas
  • Patriots do not select a player from Rutgers nor Alabama
Can I get half-point for #7? Still, just 2.5 right out of 8. Glad to have at least one right. 

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Nov 5, 2000
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Super Nomario said:
In the spirit of this thread, in no particular order:
  1. The Pats don't draft a linebacker at all (ha!) - or a tight end
This ended up being right. I'm surprised (I didn't really think this would happen) but not shocked. The top TEs went off the board earlier than expected, and there were still some interesting names available in the UDFA pool. As for LB, I guess it means they redshirted Steve Beauharnais for a reason.


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May 11, 2011
Eck'sSneakyCheese said:
3. Jeremy Deering ends up a Patriot at some point
4. Pats draft more offensive than defensive players
6. Board binky Taliaferro does not go undrafted
7. Lyerla does go undrafted
4 out of 10...


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Jan 8, 2001
bakahump said:
1. Pats draft 2 Big East/Indy players
2. Pats draft 2 SEC players
3. Pats draft 2 Pac 12 players
4. BB and the pats move back 3 times
5. One of those move backs is the 1st round pick
6. A Maine player gets drafted by an NFL team
7. A team misses a pick due to time expiring
8. Manziel is the first QB drafted.
9. Bridgewater is the 4th QB selected.
10.  Andre Williams (BC) goes in the late second round.