The NHL is back on ESPN

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Jul 22, 2006
Bucci is nails on a chalkboard bad at PBP so that sucks, but was inevitable. Great guy for hockey but just the worst PBP guy around. They also should leave Wshynski behind the paywall so nobody needs to be involuntarily subjected to the vomit coming out of his mouth. I thought Melrose was dead by now. Too bad.

Other than that, good stuff. Traded Edzo for Ray Ferraro, huge upgrade.

Hope Levy is lead pbp. He is great at hockey (not so much football).
Agree with all of this.


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Jul 12, 2005
The Island
Don’t forget that we still don’t know what Turner’s team will look like. I’d take Pierre-to-TNT off the board if I were a sports book.


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Nov 15, 2006
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There's still more additions to come, including a possible Gary Thorne return. The Athletic did a Q&A with the ESPN SVP (senior VP, not Scott) who is heading up the hockey coverage.

What about Gary Thorne? That’s been the biggest question I see on social media after the announcement.
I spoke to Bob Rosen, his agent, three or four times since the middle of March. And we’re not done yet. Bob and I are going to hopefully talk again tomorrow. We’re going to just want to leave it that we’ve had the conversation and let the dust settle from the announcement that we made today. And then we’ll kind of pick it up from there.