The New Salary Cap Thread

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Jul 15, 2005
Gallows Hill
My concerns are for the following season, namely, how huge of a number is it going to take to keep Pastrnak here? I’d assume he’s looking at $11 million AAV. It would be nice if guys like Beecher and Harrison could develop into top 2 line center options on ELCs by ‘23-‘24.


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Jul 12, 2005
I'm not overly concerned with Pasta's contract. They will have roughly $30m in space for 23/24 as it stands now and you'd have to assume a combination of Ullmark, Reilly and Forbort will be gone freeing up another $3-11m. The larger issue is lack of talent. Sign Nate, please. I'll settle for Larkin.


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Dec 12, 2004
Cambridge, MA
Because I'm not getting anything done at work and this will help me think less about that fucking series...

  • Foligno (fuck off)
  • Bergeron
  • Bertuzzi
  • Nosek
  • Hathaway
  • Wagner
  • Orlov
  • Krejci

  • Swayman
  • Frederic
  • Lauko
  • Bussi
  • Keyser
  • Asselin
  • McLaughlin

Under contract roster with 6 roster spots to fill, and an incremental $1.125m in space for each buried contract
Hall - Zacha - Pastrnak ($22m)
Marchand - Coyle - DeBrusk ($15.325m)
XX - XX - XX
Merkulov - Steen - Greer ($2.4875m)

Grzelcyk - McAvoy ($13.1875m)
Lindholm - Carlo ($10.6m)
Forbort - Reilly ($6m)
Zboril ($1.1375m)

Ullmark ($5m)

Cap: $83.5m
AAV committed: $75.7375m
Overage: $4.7325m
Space: $3.03m

Tradeable assets (not advocating moving, just listing):
  • Hall ($6m AAV, 2 years) - 10 team no trade list after 7/1
  • Marchand ($6.125m AAV, 2 years) - 15 team no trade list after 7/1
  • Coyle ($5.25m AAV, 3 years) - 8 team no trade list
  • Ullmark ($5m AAV, 2 years) - 16 team no trade list after 7/1
  • Carlo ($4.1m AAV, 4 years)
  • DeBrusk ($4m AAV, 1 year)
  • Grzelcyk ($3.6875m AAV, 1 year)
  • Forbort ($3m AAV, 1 year)
  • Reilly ($3m AAV, 1 year)

Spoilered the above for space... basically need to move salary out, ice a bottom six, get some D depth, figure out goaltending with Swayman being an RFA. Couple of transactions I could see helping:
  • Take Frederic to arbitration (get second buyout window is the primary motivation here); estimating $2m for 1 year, walk away if > ~$2.5m AAV)
    • Prior art: Yakov Trenin scored 17, plays a similar game, was the only arb award last offseason at $1.7m AAV for 2 years
  • Re-sign Lauko to 1-2 year minimum 1-way deal ($775,000 AAV)
  • Move out as many of the following as possible: Carlo, Forbort, Reilly
    • With most teams' cap situations, you'd need to attach Swayman RFA or DeBrusk to a floor team to make it worth their while and make up for not adding draft picks
    • Example trade: DeBrusk, Forbort, Reilly, and a mid-round pick to Arizona for future considerations, assuming DeBrusk returns a 1st and 2nd for them at the deadline
      • Forbort and Reilly are both tough to move as they represent $3.5m and $4m respectively in real salary with no signing bonuses
  • Move Swayman's rights for an RFA young center
    • Dream scenario for me would be figuring out a trade with LA for Vilardi -- they're in a similarly tough cap position, and have Cal Petersen for 2 more years at $5m AAV
    • More likely outcome is someone like Edmonton if they can find a taker for Campbell, as they have Ryan McLeod up as an RFA and a tough cap situation
    • Using McLeod as an example, again likely a bridge deal in the $2-2.5m range, saying $2.2m AAV for roster modeling purposes
  • Re-sign Bussi / Keyser at league min 1-way OR sign vet goalie to league min ($775,000 AAV)
  • Use some of the cap space from the clearing move (DeBrusk/Forbort/Reilly wipes $10m even) to sign vets at C, RW, and RD
    • Example move: Bergeron for $2m if he's not retiring, but assuming he is I would love to figure out a way to get RoR in the mix
    • Example move: sign Hudson Fasching for $1m AAV
    • Example move: sign a scrapheap 6D à la Strålman for $1m AAV
  • Call up Kuntar to be 13F / rotating with the 4th liners
Proposed roster, sans Bergeron:

Hall - Zacha - Pastrnak ($22m)
Marchand - O'Reilly - Coyle ($16.325m)
Frederic - McLeod - Fasching ($5.2m)
Lauko - Steen - Greer ($2.3375m)
Kuntar ($0.8675m)

Grzelcyk - McAvoy ($13.1875m)
Lindholm - Carlo ($10.6m)
Zboril - 6D ($2.1375m)
7D ($0.775m)

Ullmark ($5m)
Backup ($0.775m)

Cap: $83.5m
AAV committed: $78.4275m
Overage: $4.7325m
Space: $0.349m



Comes at you like a tornado of hair and the NHL sa
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Dec 12, 2004
Cambridge, MA
Not good enough in Providence this year and still not physically mature enough for the NHL. Merkulov is closer IMO and his $0.925m cap hit means I think they call him up here and there after a start in the AHL.


Aug 1, 2006
With the Bruins having to make significant changes to meet cap restraints next season, any bump above the $1M projected increase will would help.

Johnston : "With the NHL and NHLPA in discussions about next year's salary cap range, my sense is the union remains open to more than the baked-in $1M bump to $83.5M but won't make concessions to push the ceiling higher. It will likely be at least a month before anything is finalized."