The D-Backs front office is a mess


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Dec 16, 2010
I'm not an Insider, any details on what exactly was against the rules in regards to the trade he was trying to make?

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Apr 12, 2001
I would be that he was trying to trade a guy that he just drafted. Or maybe trying to trade draft picks. Or maybe trying to trade a guy that is currently on the Royals to the Twins.


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Jul 13, 2005
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I mentioned this in a game thread during the ARZ series, but my favorite moment of the offseason was when, after getting Miller and Greinke and a couple other pieces, Fangraphs ran an article that had them projected at one fewer win than 2015. Stewart did a few "no, no, I'm not mad, nerds gonna nerd" type interviews.

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Sep 8, 2005
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Ah - this is my favorite part of the year....the dog days of summer when the dirt comes out about the most dysfunctional franchises. Last year, it was the Nationals and their warring clubhouse. I think this easily tops that one, though - I've seen a toxic clubhouse before, but I never heard of a team whose front office needed MLB rules explained to them by other front offices.


Jul 17, 2005
This right here is why the sox should trade for goldscmidt..Arizonas front office has no clue (see Shelby Miller trade if you want an example)

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Apr 25, 2002
"We are very grateful to Dave and Chip who are widely respected throughout the game of baseball," said Arizona managing partner Ken Kendrick. "Ultimately, the results have not been what we had hoped and while that responsibility is shared by all of us, we have decided that a change is necessary. We are still discussing what the appropriate role for [chief baseball officer] Tony La Russa will be going forward."


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Jul 16, 2005
So they went from "statistics" to "grit" to "old school". Any categories/directions left they haven't tried?


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Jul 15, 2005
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Bigger issue isn't TLR but ownership. This is several quick trigger regime changes - why a good GM would walk into that shit show and hope to have the time to turn it around is beyond me.