Ten Years Ago Today: The Golden Goal


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Aug 1, 2006
Since we're already doing this in couple other Olympic Threads

10 years ago today, Sidney Crosby secured Gold for Canada in Men's Hockey at the 2010 Olympics, beating the US 3-2 in OT
(edit....video below works, my link sucked, thanks OGG)

(edit 2....same issue I was having, is the same as OGG...looks like IOC blocks it from being posted on websites...fuck those guys. Old link posted again)
Take me to YouTube!

My wife and I were in Jamaica, getting ready to attend her sister's wedding
The hotel set up a viewing area for anyone that wanted to watch the game, which included most of the guests from the wedding, plus a few other people
I think it was about 45 of us Canadians and 3 Americans. It was a heck of a fun game to watch and I remember being nervous heading to OT

But when Crosby scored, that place erupted. That ended up being pretty much an all-night party with what felt like the entire resort
Numerous spontaneous renditions of O'Canada were sang by many different groups that night

Heck of a fun night
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Jul 18, 2005
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I felt so bad for Miller. Ugh.

I was in the middle of writing my Capstone Project at Vanderbilt. I didn't get much done during that game.