Sleepless in Seattle

May 18, 2021
Meg Ryan has never, ever been my type. But she fit the 90's mold pretty well. Seattle had some good teams back then with ARod and Griffey and Martinez and Randy Johnson too!
I never liked "grunge".... as a genre. I loved Nirvana when they came out though... Mudhoney is okay.... Screaming Trees were decent. Strangely enough I think the band from that area that still holds up the best is The Posies. And they were definitely not grunge. When I think of "grunge" as a sound it's more Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. There was another cool band that showed up towards the end of that time called Violent Green that was pretty good. Definitely more post-punk sound than grunge though.
But what about Jimi Hendrix who was from out that way? I must admit that I have to take Hendrix in small doses as not to OD. But he was a true genius.