Simple Iphone Question


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Jan 8, 2001
So I have had an Iphone for about 6 months. I basically use it for some Pod Casts, some texting (2-5 a day) and a couple calls (2-5). I play an occasional time waster. I have used IPODs before and decided I wanted to add some music to the IPhone to play in the car.

I am pretty inexperienced in ITunes. I DONT want ALL my music to download at the touch of a button. I DONT want some Genius play list. And I DONT buy much if any music off Itunes.

I usually check the "Manually Manage Music" click box, then proceed to create a "70s" Play list and an "80s" playlist and a "Favorites" playlist etc etc from Music I have ripped from CDs onto my server. I also usually have the generic "Music" which has a combination of all those songs. Say about 100 songs on each Playlist and 300-500 on the "Music".

So I created my Playlists and added my songs. So far so good. If I listen to a specific playlist I seem to be fine.

I start listening to the "Music" (IE not a specific Playlist) and intermixed with the specific songs I have added is 2-3 albums that I never added. I suspect that my Itunes has added them from some past purchase (one group is U2 that I listen to but am not a mega fan, and the other is some saccharine group from 2005 that my wife or daughter probably bought). I dont remember buying them but Must have. I actually seem to think that the U2 album was a "Free Download" from some album they did.

When I look on my phone (via Itunes) they dont seem to exist. Not on any playlist. Not in the general "Music". But they most definitely play when I play the IPhone in the car.
I have also looked and cant seem to find this music on ITunes itself. (to delete off my phone).

I have deleted all the music off my phone and readded it. No luck.

So is this some kind of Icloud thing? Itunes thing I am missing?

I dont want to totally reset my phone (i have calendars and contacts and apps of course that I dont want to lose). But it drives me nuts that I will be listening to some music I enjoy and a song I dont pops up and I have to FF through it. Rich people problems I know.

I have asked Google for help but cant seem to find the right answer or am not asking the right question

Anyway is there any Iphone/ITunes/Icloud Experts out there that might know why this is happening?


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Jul 21, 2004
Washington, DC
If your U2 album is Songs of Innocence, it's because Apple stupidly pushed it into everyone's phone, which was annoying as heck. Here's a link showing how to remove it:

There's a specific iTunes link just to remove Songs of Innocence: