RIP Clark Gillies


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Jul 31, 2007
Clark Gillies, one of the stalwart members of the Islanders Cup dynasty, has died at the all too young age of 67:

Some long time fans may recall that Gillies and Terry O'Reilly squared up 4 times in the Bruins 5 game series loss to the NY Islanders in the 1980 quarterfinals. Gillies also scored the OT winner in Game 1 in the old Boston Garden, which ended up setting the tone for that series. Gillies would go on to have his name engraved 4 times on Lord Stanley's Cup.
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Jul 22, 2006
He's in the Islander's Ring of Honor.

His son in law is a well respected hockey sportswriter Justin Bourne, who is the son of Clark's NYI teammate Bob Bourne. Both the Bourne and Gilles families seem like very decent people...sad to see.


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Dec 30, 2003
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As someone who grew up 6 miles from Nassau Coliseum and played Ice Hockey his whole life, (started playing in 1980) all of those Islander players were legends. I was not an Islander fan and I was 8-12 when they won all the Cups, but it was hard to avoid the excitement and press. I also went to a shitload of Islander games, of course. I will never forget after the first Cup when cars were just honking their horns on the streets for hours after. Bossy, Nystrom, Morrow, Potvin, Trottier, Gilles. They were unbelievable.

RIP to Clark. He provided me with a lot of entertainment when I was a kid.


Jan 20, 2013
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Didn't really like him as a player like I respected Trottier and Bossy and Potvin and Billy Smith. I thought he was kind of a goon but a very good player. RIP.