Report: Cubs privately threatening writers who criticize Addison Russell


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Dec 4, 2009
Cubs shortstop Addison Russell is currently at Triple-A getting into game shape before becoming eligible to rejoin the major league squad on May 3 following a 40-game suspension. Russell was suspended for the final 11 games of the 2018 season and the first 29 games of the 2019 season under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy.

Russell’s ex-wife Melisa Reidy came forward with allegations of domestic abuse in June 2017. She publicized elaborate details last year as well. The whole situation was even worse than we could have thought. MLB investigated the issue as soon as Reidy came forward and kept the investigation open.

The Cubs have not handled the Russell situation well at all. They allowed Russell to walk up to the song “Beat It” by Michael Jackson in April last year. Manager Joe Maddon really couldn’t have cared less about Russell’s wrongdoing. The Cubs chose to tender Russell a contract in the offseason, paying him $4.3 million this season.

Sheryl Ring of FanGraphs, who is also a lawyer, has spoken to a member of the media who said that the Cubs privately instructed that person to lay off Russell, threatening reprisal. The Cubs are approving stories that paint Russell in a positive light, particularly in terms of redemption. One that comes to mind is an article published last week by Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports. Nightengale minimizes Russell’s behavior and sets him up as a fallen hero. Others have said they have heard the same as Ring, including Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus.

Cubs throwing away all of their goodwill with the fans, by doing shit like this..

Hank Scorpio

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Apr 1, 2013
I wonder who specifically they are referring to when they say "the Cubs". Theo? Maddon? Players? Ownership? Someone else in the front office?

If it's anyone with a position of relevance in the organization, it's just bizarre and moronic behavior.


will bailey
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Jul 31, 2006
Rodgers throwing in the (as far as I know of course) gives him plenty of cover if it is true and I find that caveat interesting.

"The Holocaust wasnt real (as far as I know of course)"

"Pete Rose never bet on baseball (as far as I know of course)"

"The sun is cold (as far as I know of course)"

Oh those are all incorrect? L

Mueller's Twin Grannies

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Dec 19, 2009
I've never liked the Cubs. I was annoyed when they won.

Now I'm just happy to have a legit (as far as I know) reason to keep hoping they fail again and again.

Of course, Boston still employs Wright so maybe it's a baseball culture issue.