Recording Calls on New Skype

Skype has just made a fundamental change to its underlying code, if I understand correctly--it has "changed its desktop API"--and as a result it's no longer compatible with the third-party call-recording application I've been using, Ecamm's Call Recorder. I'm on a Mac and I'm looking desperately for a call recorder that *will* work with the new Skype (I'm a journalist). Anybody know of one?

Crazy Puppy

SoSH Member
Apr 8, 2006
I've been using the paid version of Pamela Call Recorder for several years. I did see the notification you're referring to but Skype also said call recording was one of a couple of third-party apps that would still work, and Pamela has been unaffected.
Edit: sorry, just realized you said Mac. Don't know if there's a Pamela version for Mac.
I did contact Ecamm support last night but I've got to do a lengthy phone interview later today and had been worrying I'd have to buy a digital recorder. (For this article I can't just take notes. It's an oral history.) Ecamm got back to me and solved the problem: I had to uninstall, then reinstall the same version of Call Recorder. Now the app is working perfectly. Thanks for your help and suggestions!