Poll: AB or not AB that is the question

Should the Pats cut AB?

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  • IDK-the quality of mercy is not what it used to be

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Jul 17, 2011
After seeing the four short video clips, I'm firmly in the "Do Not Cut" camp. Obviously they don't prove he's innocent, but they contradict some pretty forceful assertions in the plaintiff's complaint. She asserts that their relationship was strictly professional and that she never had any romantic interest in him whatsoever. The first two videos are awfully cozy and cuddly, and the last video, in a bed with a tacky-ass heart-shaped headboard, both in their underwear, heavily suggest that they had just made the room stink consensually.


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Jul 22, 2005
It was @Morgan's Magic Snowplow .

FWIW, I read them the same way as he did. Maybe it comes from a background of trying to decipher undergraduate papers. Those messages are brutal to comprehend, and that’s even without the slang. But yeah, I read them as MMSP did, i.e. as him mocking her accusations rather than confessing to them.

They also suggest a longer conversation to which we are not (yet?) privy.
That is 100% what he was saying. Doesn't mean he wasn't in CYA mode and lying, but those texts sure as shit aren't confessions. "On the come up" is an explicit piece of urban slang directly alligned with AB's defense. Again, doesn't mean he's telling the truth.

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Nov 5, 2000
Mansfield MA
My view on this is a bit difficult to put in words. I'll try.

He's kind of already shown he's an asshole. I get that doesn't distinguish him from half professional athletes out there but he's shown he's sort of a special kind of asshole.

It makes me less likely to believe him. He deserves his day in court for sure. But I think one has to allow for the possibility that he is a rapist. Let's say it turns out that he is, in fact, a rapist. Let's say we don't find out for three years. And suppose he helps them win the Super Bowl. I won't feel good about that. I won't want to watch Three Games to Glory 7. I won't keep America's Game on my tivo for 15 years. I feel as though if he stays on the team in some senses it's a gamble that he won't be revealed to be a piece of shit -- or an even bigger piece of shit -- in the future. I don't want to gamble my joy of the Patriots on AB. There are players on this team I'd take that gamble on. Not this guy for sure.
Can you still watch the Malcolm Butler play, or does Brandon Browner's role in it and subsequent conviction for attempted murder ruin it for you?
Jan 30, 2017
Can you still watch the Malcolm Butler play, or does Brandon Browner's role in it and subsequent conviction for attempted murder ruin it for you?
I'll go - I still watch it. I still love it. Awful for Browner's victims, but the Patriots, like business, will have people cycle through that end up doing heinous things. In the NFL, your leeway is usually determined by your production and in most other orgs that applies to a certain extent. Not saying it's or wrong, but that's how I see it


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Sep 9, 2008
Can you still watch the Malcolm Butler play, or does Brandon Browner's role in it and subsequent conviction for attempted murder ruin it for you?
I wince a little when I see highlights in which he's involved or hear his name called when I'm watching replays. Doesn't every Pats fan? Is there any doubt that if Aaron Hernandez had caught the game winning pass in the Super Bowl in 2011, that would be a really difficult play to watch? For the same reason that you don't see NFLN tripping over itself to show old OJ games or highlights.

But, even so, this is the wrong question. At least with respect to my point and feeling. Players who do bad things after they are Patriots that the Patriots didn't know about or have reason to know about are different. If Browner were accused of threatening to kill a domestic partner and endangering a child while he was a Patriot, and then played in Super Bowl 49 because it was a "league matter," and then it turned out that he did it, then, yes, I would have very serious problems watching the game. Teams can only control what they can control. The Patriots are on notice that they may have a very serious piece of shit catching balls for them. That's the gamble to which I was referring.