Phishing attempt?


Dorito Dink
SoSH Member
Dec 16, 2010
Years ago, a bunch of us played some online poker tourneys through I haven't logged into that account many years.

Today, around 2:30 I got an email from pokerstars titled "SoSHer, play your way to a $100,000 live tourney at Resorts". Didn't think much of it, but thought it was odd it was addressed to "SoSHer".

Just now I received an email from an email account that said

Hello SoSHer,

Following a routine Security review, we identified an unusual attempt to access your account. This attempt came from an unfamiliar location or device and as such, we have added a new Stars PIN to your account as a precautionary measure.

Your new Stars PIN: 995094
That can't be a coincidence can it? Anyone else get this?