Pats cut Scrub DE Buchanan, Scrub WR Dorsey


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Jul 15, 2005
Could be. There's a bunch of locks ahead of Buchanan on the depth chart.  The Pats tend to be pretty good about cutting guys loose early if they are going to have basically no chance to make the team (like if he was behind Jake Bequette at this point).   Or it could be that he wasn't committed to the program, hard to say.


Jun 27, 2006
Bequette has to be really, really gone, but that's probably 4th or 5th time I typed that. I thought the battle was between Buchanan & Moore, with Moore winning out. Now Moore can also be gone soon due to all the influx of DL talent.


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Nov 17, 2002
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Buchanan was sort of a binky for me. He had a tough senior year at Illinois after getting his jaw broken in a fight and he lost a ton of weight. He was OK in 2013 but it was clear he had trouble setting the edge against the run. If you have 2 years in this system and you don't produce you are going to get the boot.
Jake Bequette is the most puzzling player to remain on the roster and/or PS in years. Since being drafted in 2012, he has no stats. He has been recognized for being a great practice player.