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I seem to recall someone finding a study a couple years back that showed hit rates for each round. My recollection is that no team is particularly better or worse than any other.

I think we remember the good late picks and the bad early picks, because they stand out (in both directions) from the normal expectations for those rounds.


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Jul 31, 2006
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That certainly remains to be seen. He was a 5th rd pick in 17 and has started 3 games in his career. Ravens made out quite well getting a 4th for a guy they drafted in the 5th who didn't really contribute and will be an RFA next year. How much tape can there be on a guy who only started 3 games in 2 seasons? Only dressed for 9 games.
It wasn't Elu for a 4th. It was Elu and a 6th for a 4th. So using the same math you're using it was a 5th + a 6th for a 4th. Is that really making out quite well?