NY roster 2019


Dragon Wangler
SoSH Member
Jul 15, 2005
Love Hicks but we have enough evidence that he is an injury prone player. Still plenty of time for him to make good on his contract but yea, not very reliable thus far in his Yankees career.

jon abbey

Shanghai Warrior
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Jul 15, 2005
My predictions for the Montgomery/Betances 40 man moves tomorrow are Tauchman and Holder to the 60 day IL, officially ending their seasons. Holder is because we have not heard word one about him in weeks and they need the spot.

Then on Tuesday, Hicks to the 60 day and Dull DFA for Severino and Stanton. They really should add Mike King too and let him get his toes wet in the bigs before adding him after the season, that could be Lyons or even Gearrin’s spot IMO.