NY outfield 2020

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
With's NY's entire hopeful starting OF on the IL to start the season, I thought it was time to do a depth chart thread here.

Hopeful starters, all hurt:

(Judge) (who knows)
(Stanton) (back in April/May?)
(Hicks) (June?)

Current starters:

Frazier (here's your chance, buddy, step up)

Also make the team:

Andujar (he and Frazier can split LF/DH, Miggy might already be a better LF)
Herrera (would make the 26 man over Estrada right now IMO, he needs a 40 man spot but they can put Severino and maybe Hicks on the 60 day IL)


Amburgey (.822 OPS last year in AAA at 24)

In AA, even though he hasn't earned it:

Florial (on the 40 man unlike Herrera/Granite/Amburgey but looked overmatched in high A last year at 21, far far far away barring a stupendous leap)

They will probably try to bring in someone else at least on the Herrera/Granite level with at least one option, but it's also very healthy for the organization to get Andujar/Frazier/Ford as many ABs as they can handle before the big boys come back (fingers crossed) and showcase them, either for NY or as trade chips.

Also looking at this, NY needs to start getting Tauchman or Andujar some gametime in RF, atlhough Herrera has played there so maybe they will play Clint/Herrera in RF until one of the big boys is back.