NFL Playoffs - Championship Round


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Nov 4, 2007
I don’t like Brock Purdy.

Usually I like people. Like these out of nowhere stories are awesome. I rooted for Gardner Minshew, for example. The Brock Purdy story is the kind of story that I eat up. And I am rooting for San Francisco.

But I hate the fucker. When I see him in interviews I want to punch him. He strikes me as a mean spirited dullard.

It’s like that guy at work. Everyone likes him. Objectively, he is fine. Intellectually, you understand that hating him is more about you than him. So you be nice and push the feeling away. In some ways you go out of your way to be extra nice because you feel bad.

But I fucking hate Brock Purdy. There. I said it. Leave me alone. Fuck all y’all.
This is some high quality sports hate.

I don’t like him either but I think it’s about him not having to have faced much adversity as a starter. If he gets dirty and beat up today but fights through it I’ll like him a lot more, win or lose.

On the flip side, I love Hurts.
Nah, gotta go harder or weirder.

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Jul 31, 2001
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The kid was a 3 star who was third string in college before he got his shot and took over. He stayed and went 7-6 his senior year when the talent all left the program. He didn’t transfer to OK after possibly losing his starting job to Tua.

Purdy was also Big Ten Sportsman of the Year. He worked to create a special needs prom, led Victory Day (event at ISU for disabled kids to do football drills), etc. Lots of guys are easier to hate playing today.


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Sep 9, 2008
Third down conversions is going to decide this game. If SF can keep forcing third and long, they will be ok, even with the occasional circus conversions like that.