Minor league thread 2023

Sep 12, 2022
Wasn’t sure where to post, so figured I’d start the minor league catch-all for 2023.

MLB.com lists Mayer as their second best SS in the minors. They also think his ETA is 2024.

That's what I was thinking.He is one year away, but unfortunately Twitter fans don't realize this and are very impatient. That's why losing Bogie doesn't sting to me as much as losing Mookie. I am happy though as just by signing Devers that shows me they will be backing up their bet as Chaim Bloom says.

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Aug 1, 2001
The Athletic has quotes from the prospects who attended the Rookie Development Program this past weekend, including W. Abreu, Bello, German, Hamilton, Zack Kelly, Mata, Walter, Murphy, Rafaela, and E. Valdez.
Some highlights:

Cedanne doesn't have a preference on where he plays, he just wants to get here and win games:
“To play everywhere, that’s what got me here. So, I can play every position. Offensively, just get on base and try to score runs to help the team win. Just play where the team puts me and help the team win. … Just try to get more base on balls. That’s maybe going to help me more this year, and if I get on base, it’s going to be more runs for the team and we can win more ballgames.”
Walter is healthy:
When the pandemic shut down the minor leagues in 2020, Walter was basically a non-prospect left to work out alone at home in Delaware. When he returned from the shutdown, Walter was a new pitcher. Higher velocity, better stuff, and the results showed in a breakout 2021 season. Hoping to build on that in 2022, Walter was instead shut down in early June with a bulging disc. He’d made only two starts in AAA.
Now that he’s throwing again — “Should be rolling into camp healthy,” he said.
Enmanuel has been working on his defense and baserunning:
I feel I can fit in any way this organization needs me to fit in, and I will do what I can to control (so that) I can be ready for those moments. … For me, I’ve been locked in hard on defense, but also here I’ve been working with our coach here, Corey Wimberly (the baserunning coordinator), trying to lock in on how I run the bases well so I can impact the game in other ways. Ultimately, working on those things and not losing sight of the bat, because the bat is what has gotten me here to this point.”
Murphy is into analytics, and talks the talk, like one of the more in-the-weeds posts on SOSH:
“I think I had much more success against righties,” he said, “because I was able to command a curveball toward the glove side at the back foot — inside to righties — and also put my slider inside and keep it away from the middle of the plate, and then throw the changeup away. Having a good tunnel with the slider and the changeup is ideal. And my best pitch is my fastball, and if I can throw that up in the zone, get guys to swing up in the zone and not give up the long ball like I did in 2021, that was the goal at the end of the day. Keep hitters off balance, throw everything for a strike, and execute pitches on the inner half most importantly.”
About Hamilton:
When they added him to the roster, though, a few Red Sox decision-makers said it was in part because they saw some untapped offensive potential in Hamilton’s game. He hit a career-best 12 home runs last season, but had a career-low .338 on-base percentage. So, the big question — now that he legitimately could be the next man up whenever the Red Sox need a middle infielder — is whether Hamilton can make those offensive strides.
Hamilton himself says "I'm never satisfied":
“Offensively, I think I got a little home-run happy,” he said. “That’s not really the right word, but I was trying to do too much damage when that’s not really my game. I’m a line-drive hitter, gap-to-gap guy, and I think this offseason I was focusing on staying on top of the ball and hitting line drives. And if I miss, miss lower and not in the air, and that’s been the main focus. … I’m definitely excited to be on the 40-man. It means they care about me at least a little bit. … The rule changes definitely help me out. It’s made to get people to try and steal, so I’m excited, because that’s what I like to do.”


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Apr 3, 2001
It looks like Darren Fenster is still the minor league infielding coach. He's someone that I figured would shoot up the coaching ranks but seems to have stalled. Anyone know what gives?


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Apr 11, 2012
It looks like Darren Fenster is still the minor league infielding coach. He's someone that I figured would shoot up the coaching ranks but seems to have stalled. Anyone know what gives?
I don't see him in the Speier tweets above, but is it possible that want him in one spot for a bit, given all the high picks they've spent on high school shortstops lately?


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Dec 14, 2019
He has a very detailed LinkedIn. This is what he says his current job duties are:

Minor League Infield Coordinator
Dec 2021 - Present 1 yr 2 mos

-Oversee and drive our organizational approach to developing infielders throughout our Minor League system, from AAA all the way down to our academy in the Dominican Republic, ensuring consistent messaging and principles throughout, with the goal of eventually syncing them up with the goals of our Major League club in Boston.

-Successfully balanced the individualization of player plans while keeping their developmental path in line with our foundational pillars from which we build from.

-Work extensively with affiliate coaching staffs to help administer and carry out our developmental plan and processes on a daily basis for our players over the course of the season.

-Designed and implemented a defensive tracking system for infielders that revealed specific areas for improvement both for individual players as well as for the organization as a whole.

-Created and organized progressive drill packages and unique practice routines that helped players improve and maximize their potential. -Visit our affiliates numerous times at various points in the season to track and evaluate progress and identify new or continuing points of emphasis for our coaches and players to focus on.
Considering how heavily they draft infielders, it could be an important role in ur organization & there's no cap on what you pay your coaches...


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Aug 1, 2001
Kole Cottam asked for his release and it was granted:

He was a former 4th round pick. He hit decently in AA last year but poorly in 14 games in AAA. Seems like he realized he would be behind a few others and wouldn't play much in Worcester:
With Caleb Hamilton, Ronaldo Hernandez, and Elih Marrero all in the mix for a spot with Worcester as well, Cottam likely wouldn't have had much of a role with the club in 2023.