Mayweather Leaves Golden Boy


SoSH Member
Jul 19, 2005
No. This changes very little and is really more of an issue between Richard Schaefer, former CEO of golden boy who left yesterday, and Oscar. Schaefer, Haymon, and floyd will never work with Bob Arum.

To put it simply, floyd was just using golden boy to promote his fights because his company doesnt have a promoter's license. His allegiance the last 5-6 years has been to Schaefer and Al Haymon. So once Schaefer left, so did he. Schaefer will probably form a new promotion and floyd will fight under it.

Also of note is that many of Al Haymon's fighters are probably going to leave golden boy as well.

While Oscar has been partying and rehabbing for the last 5 years, Richard had built golden boy into a force. They have, or had, a ton of fighters and were truly creating a monopoly. That is something the sport needs desperately in order to ensure we dont miss out on the next generations Floyd vs manny. The vision was always to move it more towards centralization, ala the ufc.

Schaefer firmly believed this and I truly believe he was probably a couple years away from bleeding top rank. Currently their roster features strings of rehashed fights because they lack stars. even their best young fighter, Mikey garcia, is trying to get out of his deal.

So when oscar wanted to start to work with Top Rank to make fights, it was clear his partnership with Richard was over. It is a fundamental difference in how to make big fights and dominate the sport going forward.

Sorry this was long winded, just wanted people to understand this probably changes little other than further fracturing the sport, now we can add haymon/scahefer fighters vs oscar fighters to the cold war, and probably tying a lot of guys up in litigation. But to his credit, it looks like haymon and Schaefer had a lot of guys on short deals or at least ones easy to get out so he will leave oscar pretty neutered.