Markelle Fultz, Year Two: Blass, Ankiel, Knoblauch...or cheese fries?

joe dokes

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Jul 18, 2005
Uh...I know it sounds "great" but that is an abysmal value for the #1 overall pick for 2017. The guy they could have picked and kept a #1 is potentially valued as a key piece for Davis....

Basically they traded Tatum, and top 10ish pick for a low round 1st (or 2nd) and 1 year of Ben Simmons....
He's not a #1 pick. He's a guy that can't play basketball. That they got anything for him is at least pretty good.


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Jul 15, 2005
Hingham, MA
He's actually potentially a lot like Kyrie, not ridiculously fast but shifty and hard to stay in front of especially with his pull up/ step back ability.
The scouts who loved him compared him to kyrie, except with better size and better tools defensively. More questions sure, but similar. He also can play off play off ball supposedly. We shall see.
He's as good a prospect (PROSPECT) as Kyrie or Wall.
This aged well


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Aug 12, 2009
This line doesn’t inspire confidence:
When asked what exactly was going on with Fultz, Clifford said he wasn't 100-percent sure, but said it was tissue build-up and that he needed a lot of physical therapy.
So much for thoracic outlet syndrome being the answer?

Anyways, they’re not going to have a lot of real game experience to go on by October 31 when they have to decide whether they want to pick up his fourth year option for $12 million.


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Jul 15, 2005
It boggles my mind that the Magic’s management was that stupid. You expect people that stupid to accidentally slice their jugular while shaving in the morning. With their electric safety razor.