League Athletics, SportsSignup, iScore bought by Time

Heinie Wagner

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Nov 14, 2001
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Time Inc. Acquires Youth Sports Firms, Creates ‘Sports Illustrated Play’ Unit
"The company has purchased SportsSignup and LeagueAthletics.com, which provide online management tools to youth sports leagues that enable parents, coaches and players to check information such as team schedules and statistics. The two businesses serve about 8 million athletes, 300,000 teams and 8,500 leagues, Time Inc. said."
In this area just about every youth sports club and league uses League Athletics for their website. From my experience and what we use it for, what they offer works well enough, but it's pretty clunky to work with from the administrative side and doesn't offer much design flexibility. It would be great if they kept the functionality (and history) that works well but added some flexibility in how you present it and just generally modernized everything. 


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Jul 18, 2005
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Our baseball league uses it.  Our soccer league uses so truly garbage stuff, but we are beholden to the league.

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Jul 26, 2007
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We use League Athletics for lacrosse, and had the app on my iphone.  I'd echo what HW said-functional and solid, but not very slick.  A little bit of investment could turn it into a pretty neat app/tool.
I'm sure there is going to be some marketing components added, but I hope they stick to the admin side and dont try to turn it into something like Hudl. 

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One of the issues I have with LA is that it occasionally "leaks" players into the wrong town/state, which sends our IT guy ballistic (his real job is bank IT security).  We're in north Jersey, and a few times I've had a player from the Boston area just show up on one of our team rosters, and that usually corresponded with one of our players (and personal info) somehow getting moved to a Boston team (IIRC, Wellesley).