In MLB’s age of velocity, catchers are increasingly feeling the heat

Aug 11, 2019
That is an article in today's Washington Post about the effect increased velocity from pitchers is having on catchers:

"With pitchers throwing harder than ever, there are more foul tips because hitters have less time to connect with the baseball. In turn, catchers are inching closer to the plate to reduce the likelihood a foul tip hits them. Doing so leaves them increasingly vulnerable to backswings."

It goes on to say that not much data is collected on these type of injuries, especially foul tips to the head, and what steps catchers are taking to help protect themselves. For example, Nats' catcher Suzuki checks before games to see which batters have long backswings and will set up further away for them. Some catchers use new masks frequently and there are some who are trying a new style (Force3 mask) that supposedly reduces the force of impact.

Basically, the article is "Here's what can happen. Stay tuned." I don't know what the Post's policy is for non-subscribers but:


SoSH Member
May 2, 2011
Is there peer-reviewed science on what type of catcher's mask is best at avoiding concussions? I remember some catchers switching over to hockey-style masks, while others pushed back that the traditional style masks that frequently popped off when hit were better because that meant less force transferred to the head.