Illustrator/inDesign/Adobe help needed. Please.


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Jan 26, 2006
My graphic designer and I spent 78 minutes on the phone with Adobe yesterday to no avail.  Here's the deal:
I work for an organization with a lot of sales people.  I need to create flyers and other marketing materials for these people, and I need to personalize them with contact info, licensing info, etc. Right now the graphic designer has to do a lot of manual cut and pasting to achieve this, and as we hire more people this will become completely untenable (it almost is now).  I want a plugin or something where I can populate everyone's info one time into a database, and have that somehow autopopulate into given fields, and somehow automatically create 30 iterations of the same flyer/brochure/whatever with different contact info.  I can't make editable word docs/PDF overlays because they look like shit, and my field is so highly regulated that I can't have some moron salesperson messing with any of the ad copy.
I realize there are content management systems that do this, but they are expensive ($25k+, from what I've seen), and far more robust that what I need.
I've been banging my head into the wall on this for three days, so now I turn here.


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Apr 17, 2011
The college that I work for did an election night TV broadcast that was live most of the night.  They wanted to have "real" looking graphics for each state's vote totals (as well as the Mass. ballot questions).  I used some of php's built in .png tools to build the graphic for each state (vote totals + background image + any additional images), using the data we were receiving from various sources (vote totals, who won), and pulling it from a database.  The php script would generate a new image every time the data was updated.  I think the styling abilities of the png module are decent, and I wouldn't be surprised if you could get a better look than with word docs/PDFs.