How do you feel about your club?


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Mar 31, 2013
An annual tradition. Give your score on your clubs current performance and future prospects on a scale of 1 to 10. I will go first.

Club: Tottenham Hotspur
Rating: 3/10

This past year has been a very bad season for Tottenham Hotspur. They rode the Mourinho train right off the tracks and in the process perhaps snuffed out any chance this current core has of winning a competition. The team is currently without a manager, with some big names (Conte, Poch) and some smaller names (Graham Potter) rumored to step in. The team played mostly turgid, regressive soccer throughout the season with the only saving grace being stellar play from Harry Kane and Son. The team missed out on serious European Competition play for the first time since 2009. Kane may or may not be sold, but plenty of players on this team need to go, the defense needs to be rebuilt and they need to bring in a manager who can supply both short-term confidence and long-term sustainability. Things could be going better.


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Dec 6, 2003
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Can the folks from the kids table play?

Club: QPR

Rating 8/10 (with potential for 9)
After a dismal start, QPR brought in old friend Charlie Austin on a loan and the team just took off. Austin performed marvelously and he also opened things up for some of the team's young stars, and the team went from 19th when he arrived to finishing the season in 9th. The club was 2nd in the Championship in points over that stretch.

Austin just yesterday agreed to a permanent 2 year deal. I am excited about what this means moving forward, as a march to promotion absolutely seems within reach. This gets bumped to a 9 if Stefan Johansen signs a permanent deal.


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Oct 25, 2005
Portland, OR
Portland Timbers:
As is 6/10, if we get and stay healthy 8/10. The team has been CRUSHED by the injury bug lately, and it's no fun. But the next home game will be 80% capacity so as a season ticket holder I'm excited to be able to be there and be LOUD in support of the team.

Portland Thorns:
9/10. The team is LOADED. There are a ton of veterans, and a few young players that look amazing.

4/10. Were in the fight for an automatic promotion sport until a month to go, then fell apart an crashed out of the promotion playoff. Just not fun.
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Sep 9, 2008
Phoenix Rising FC -- 10/10. The USL Championship holders are off to a blistering start again this year and the sky is the limit!

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Jul 2, 2006

Rating: 5/10

Performances overall last year were absolutely terrible but the team is rapidly turning over the roster and there is a lot of high end young talent to build upon if we can find the right person to put it together. Incompetent ownership is probably the biggest drag on future prospects as this point. Two big unknowns are whether anything will end up coming of Daniel Ek's takeover bid and, takeover or not, there will be any meaningful changes at director level to the footballing side of the operation. Edu really shouldn't have the job and there have been rumblings that his job may be in jeopardy and that the club has been talking to Luis Campos (the dream signing from a footballing exec perspective) about taking on some role. In some ways, 5/10 is really an average of different possible outcomes in that regard. If we remain stuck with the Kroenkes and nothing comes of the talk of changing things up (the most likely scenario), then 4/10 is probably right. If Ek does end up buying the club and/or we get an actual competent footballing executive in charge like Campos, I can see myself going up to 7/10 or 8/10.


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Apr 23, 2010


Was tempted to go with 0 or 1/10, but that would be an over-reaction to Ancelotti leaving. There is still lots of young talent both in attack (Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin) and in defense (in particular Godfrey). The big issues are first that the squad needs more depth both in attack and in midfield, and secondly that some of the bigger names are likely going to want to leave now that Ancelotti is gone - in particular I expect that Richarlison will look to move on, and James probably isn't going to want to stick around either (although, as great as he was when he played, that may be for the best in terms of development going forward). Hopefully whoever they appoint will at least realize that giving Sigurdsson (who I like more than most Everton supporters) a new contract is insane.

If they get the managerial appointment right and recruit a right back, a midfielder and a decent winger, they should be back challenging for Europe next year - but that seems less likely without Ancelotti and I expect next year to be a step backwards, although there is enough talent that they should avoid the relegation fight.


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Oct 1, 2015
West Ham. Why them? Because in college eons ago I spent a week in England for spring break and saw one EPL match. West Ham vs someone at West Ham. Naturally I rooted for the home team and they’ve been my club ever since. Normally they’re not that good but this year they had a very good showing. So I’m optimistic! 6/10.


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Aug 1, 2006
West Ham...
7/10? Hard to say, they just had a great year they're in Europe.
However, the ownership concerns remain. This was a paper thin squad that was great up until Rice got hurt and bad after. No real strikers still, only 2 real DM in a side that starts 2 DM.
If the owners splash cash good, if not, well the extra matches probably mean more injuries and a collapse.

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Sep 14, 2002
Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada
Club: Liverpool FC

2020-21 Rating 7/10

2021-2022 Outlook 9/10

Their year was destroyed by injuries , bad luck and bad finishing. Finishing third was a minor miracle.

The outlook, however is much rosier. A full strength squad has a chance to challenge City, Chelsea and ManU for the title. I’m expecting a hell of a dogfight.

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Jan 11, 2012
Rossland, BC
Leeds United
The Bielsa Revolution continues, and realistically, they outperformed the expectations of myself, and most pundits by finishing in the top half of the table. I think missing out on Europe next year might be a good thing, as I fear their small squad would burn out with too many games.
It's a key moment for the club. They are poised to improve, and challenge the teams at the top of the table, yet still could flounder a la Sheffield United and end up back from whence they came. Consolidation is still a top priority. Also, coming up with a reasonable succession plan to Bielsa is important, as this dream, as awesome as it is, can't last forever.
Overall, it's been a great year as a supporter. There's still a chance it could go up from here.


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Jul 22, 2005
AFC Ajax

Champion and winning the dutch cup.

Going out meekly against AS Roma in Europa after a dissapointing champions league.

Outlook for the national league, great. PSV is rebuilding and Feyenoord is a joke.

Europe, things need to go right for them to advance to the knockout stage then its everybody's game.

Think the youngsters will stay for another year before moving on. A risk is that you get a lot of offers you cant refuse, looks like Onana is going to Arsenal.
If the defense and midfield is gutted, losing Tagliafico, Martinez and Alvarez that would sting. A healthy season out of Kudus will be fun.

Think the veterans will stay.


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Apr 15, 2006
Somers, CT


The run had to end and I think they'll be stronger for it.

I'm on record as hating the Ronaldo signing from Day 1. The side revolved around him. As he went, Juventus went. The team wasn't properly constructed for him, the managers' styles didn't compliment him, and his salary would be crippling for many countries. His most enduring legacy in my mind is his hilarious futility with free kicks and how he hurt the team by standing over every one. Many outlets claim he'll be out the door, and good riddance. I should have loved seeing one of the greatest players in history wearing the strip, but I didn't.

Max Allegri is an epic (re)get. Players are going to stay because of him (Chiellini, Dybala). Players want to come back because of him (Pjanic). He alone will be the biggest piece of the rebuild puzzle, and with the talent currently in the squad they can get back on the right track immediately.

I don't begrudge Pirlo at all. His hiring was baffling, and his license essay (well worth a read here) makes it pretty clear that the team he took on didn't have the right pieces for his preferred style. It would have been nice for him to get the opportunity to refine his theories and find his voice as a coach before taking on such a monumental task.

All that said, I'm struggling to forgive any of the ESL sides. Juventus haven't done anything to even admit their mistake, let alone repair the damage.

Next year's primary kit is incredible. Max gets one point, the kit gets the second. I almost took the kit point back for the goalkeeper jersey, which seems designed to accentuate a beer belly:


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Aug 19, 2009
Chelsea: 10/10
Current: We have too many not great players up front all competing for the same spots.

Werner both generated a huge amount of expected goals and then would not put them in the net or would step offside. Havertz continues to look at his best playing as the false 9.
Pulisic had a turbulence season, nagging injuries.Tammy got banished to the shadow realm.

Giroud is out. Ziyech never settled. Hopefully Hudson-Odoi can regain his explosiveness.

All that being said, they still finished top four and we're champions of Europe.v

Outlook: 8/10
Kante is so influential, And as he is getting older, he is missing more and more time understandably. The problem comes that the team has to completely change when he is out. I don't think there is another Kante out there but having someone that could do 75% of what he does so that they don't have to completely turn over the team when he's out would be massive.

Figuring what to do with all the new toys that never settled in will be the next big step for Marina and company. They could run back the same front five whatever you want to call it, and hope that they settle more. Mandy was a massive pickup hopefully he continues his form. So I'm cautiously hopeful I just need to see them bringing the kind of players Tuchel needs for his ideal system. Thankfully he put pen to paper on a new contract through 2024.

Edit Giroud is not out!
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Jul 14, 2005
Spurs: I agree that 3/10 is about right, with a lot of potential variance going forward for this summer. If they sign Conte and keep Kane, I would boost this to 5/10 immediately with some optimism for the future. If they miss out on Conte, screw up the manager pick, sell Kane, and don't properly reinvest the money from his sale, it could go even lower, to about 1.5 (reserving 1 or lower for relegation).


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Dec 17, 2002
Brighton & Hove Albion. 7/10. Always glass half-full from my perspective; even if they underachieve (or fail to overachieve), if they stay in the PL I'm happy. 5 seasons running now which I'm still pinching myself about. As long as they hang on to Graham Potter (back off, Spurs), bring in some offensive talent, and keep building on a strong back line, I'll continue to be optimistic.


Aug 28, 2006
The Slums of Shaolin

I always tend to be optomistic but the team is just very likeable right now. If they can have a good transfer window I think they can compete. Last year they probably over performed a bit but if they can sign Sancho and one more target we may have something.


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Jun 9, 2008
Who cares? Does anything even matter at all? Football was played, but I can’t say I remember too much of it, or really even care to.

Newcastle United.


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Dec 1, 2000
Club: Liverpool FC

2020-21 Rating 7/10

2021-2022 Outlook 9/10

Their year was destroyed by injuries , bad luck and bad finishing. Finishing third was a minor miracle.

The outlook, however is much rosier. A full strength squad has a chance to challenge City, Chelsea and ManU for the title. I’m expecting a hell of a dogfight.
I’m with this.

Chicago Fire - 3/10

I had optimism coming into the season and still think a Basel-model club could succeed given how MLS is evolving. But the on-pitch performances have been putrid and the sporting director is getting into public tit-for-tats with a 22yo former player. But at least there’s a new logo on the way?

Chicago Red Stars - 6/10

Disappointing so far. Mal Pugh is the real deal, though she has to stay healthy. Julie Ertz is out until after the Olympics, but there’s enough defensive quality to stay competitive IF they can land a true #9 this summer. Obviously, no one can fully replace Sam Kerr, but a lively threat up top is sorely needed. Hoping that this squad can put it together for a deep playoff run.

USMNT - 9/10

Let’s fucking goooooooo!

USWNT - 10/10

Get that gold.


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Jul 30, 2009
South of North
Barca: 5/10

Honestly, it's simultaneously miraculous and horrifying that the club is where it is at this point. How Barto and Co. lasted in power as long as they did boggles my mind. You'd think with the Soci system this shit wouldn't be tolerated, but you'd be wrong. To understand why, you legitimately have to get into the entire history of the club. I'm not going to do that. Suffice to say that last summer this rating would've been 1/10, maybe 0, so going from 0/1 ---> 5 is pretty awesome. I'll also note that these ratings have to calibrated to the club.

Note: the fixture and dates are a bit screwy with all of the shifts. So Barca played their Matchday 1 fixture on 24/02/2021 and Matchday 2 on 03/01/2021 for example [insert shrug emoji].

Last season breaks down into 3 phases for me. The first half of the season was a feeling out period for Koeman and the players. The side looked uninspired but Fati's emergence gave everyone hope (4 goals, 1 assist in 7 matches). After a good first 6 matches, Real dismantled Barca in late October, sending the team into a spin for the rest of the year--they were in 5th at that point. After the new year, they basically went undefeated until April except for a draw against Cadiz--this also included good wins over Sevilla, Sociedad 2x, Betis, and Granada. Following that run, they had another showdown against Real where they lost in the rain storm--but it was much more competitive and encouraging than the first fixture. They bounced back after that loss to smack Elche and Villarreal. So with 6 matches to go, Barca were top of the table. In those 6 matches, the wheels fell off and the team faceplanted, going LWDDL to make the last matchday meaningless. You can accept a draw with Atleti, but those other matches were painful too watch. It took me from being a huge Koeman admirer to rather skeptic. Barca salvaged some pride by winning the Copa, but were also clearly outmatched and outmanaged in the UCL, going out to PSG and getting worked by Juve in one of the Group Stage fixtures.

Going into next year there's so much up in the air. It all starts with Messi of course, who looks like he's going to stay for his last prime years. The club is doing the smart thing and trying to remain competitive for Messi while dealing with the financial shit sandwich Barto left them. Free transfers for players like Aguero, Wijnaldum, and Depay is a good way to bring in some experienced talent without breaking the bank, but the real thing to watch is the sale of players that no longer belong at the club. The sale of those guys just MIGHT be able to finance one star purchase.

Griezmann finally seems like he's getting comfortable netting 20 goals to go with 12 assists in 50 appearances. Dembele had a year that's become typical or even positive for him with tantalizing flashes (11 goals, 5 assists, flexibility to play as a striker at times) balanced with bad turnovers and injuries. Perhaps the biggest development for the outlook was the emergence of Pedri and Mingueza. Pedri should be a Barca AMF for years and Mingueza looks like a quintessential modern defender. FDJ had a good season overall, also showing lots of positional flexibility, and Araujo and Dest look like they may be able to become full time starters next season. The team might have something in Trincao, but he didn't get quite enough minutes for my liking or to really tell.

Alba (!) at 32 years old was second in minutes with almost 4200 (!!) and while he was pretty good overall (5 goals and 15 assists to lead the club) it's clear that he's not a worldclass LB any more. That being said, if the team can improve all the other weaker spots, you could do worse than have Alba be your worst player.


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Apr 22, 2016
New York City
I honestly feel like I could just copy and paste this post every year for the past like 5 years at least:

They did...fine, whatever. Showed some signs of life earlier in the season, were derailed by injuries and some inexplicably bad, lifeless performances late in the year.

The managing revolving door continues. Lots up in the air based on who comes in the door next, the transfer window will be very important for them, etc. etc.

Rinse and repeat.


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Mar 30, 2004
Crystal Palace: If we are talking about everything up to this exact moment in time, I'm probably 6/10. They are entering their ninth consecutive season in the league. Wilf is still the man and still on the team. They finished a typical 14th, but didn't give me any heartburn regarding relegation all season. Which was nice for a change -- because coming in, I would have taken a guaranteed 17th in a heartbeat. I'd do the same for the coming season, where I'm maybe at 2/10. No manager, tons of players out of contract, Zaha still wants to leave, the most exciting young player they've had in a long while (Eze) ended the season with a horrific injury, young fullback Nathan Ferguson still hasn't played a minute for the team, and also suffered a setback, the ownership situation is is a bit of flux, their roster was the oldest in the PL this year, they're trying to get necessary improvements to the ground, etc. I wonder if they would have kept Roy had they somehow known about the Eze injury in advance, because whoever comes in will need a very steady hand to keep them in the league. I'm genuinely very concerned about next season.

Union Berlin: I'd have to say 9.5/10. I'd have been thrilled just to have had them stay up this year, honestly. It was just their second season in top division. And yet, they finished only 2 points out of the Europa League spot, tallied a total of 50 points and finished ahead of a number of Bundesliga regular top-half teams. Urs Fischer has to be one of the best managers you've never heard of. What he's achieved on a limited budget is unreal. And it's not just winning soccer -- it's a joy to watch them play. I know for a team like Palace, it's about getting 40 points or whatever, by any means necessary. And it can be boring. But the way Fischer has them play is amazing. They're so aggressive defensively. They're quick on counters. And deadly on set pieces. He uses every bit of talent available to him and seems to get so much out of it. I'm honestly shocked he hasn't been discussed for a higher profile position, but I'm glad he's there. The only reasons for not giving a perfect 10 are my concerns about whether the team will have the financial resources to improve on where they are at and some lingering coulda/woulda/shoulda about missing out on the Europa League by such a small margin. The Conference League is a genuine achievement though, and the players and fans are rightly proud of it in a way that perhaps other teams from top leagues that qualified for it would not be. I keep going back and forth on whether these little trips to Estonia and Luxembourg on a Thursday night are going to make a mess of their upcoming Bundesliga season, or whether having some competitive games against some minnows is a good way to build up the development system -- at least until they get to knockout rounds. They have to be considered one of the top 6-8 teams in the competition, with a legitimate chance to win it, especially if some of the biggest clubs participating turn up their nose at it. But despite their success, job #1 next year needs to be staying in the 1. Bundesliga. I'll be very interested to see what their transfers look like this year. Will they be able to recruit some interesting players who want to be part of a project to move into the league's elite? Union now is the biggest club in Berlin (by members), but their stadium still is so small (around 23k, with 20,000 of those for standing only). That does put them at a disadvantage to lots of the top teams from the outset. They too are looking to expand the stadium. Last plans I heard were for around 37k (though the majority still standing), though I wonder if the finances are there to do that given what's happened in the last 18 months. So, while I'm super optimistic, the pessimist in me worries that they just don't have the financial wherewithal to advance, at least without taking major, major gambles that could financially ruin them. But I can't wait for the new season to start. I just wish I had bought the season tickets when I moved here, because it's impossible to get into a game anymore, even pre-covid.


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Aug 18, 2005
Austin, TX
4/10. Could raise or lower based on who comes in as manager, but for right now? Meh. I'm priming myself for another season of being in the mid-table.

Austin FC:
6/10. Seven points from its first seven matches (all on the road) is close to where I thought they'd need to be to contend for a playoff spot. But they desperately need to bring in a forward in the next transfer window, because they absolutely cannot score goals right now (shut out in their last 353 match minutes).

8/10. Not a great showing against Honduras, but I 100% believe that it would have been a completely different match with Tyler Adams in the squad.

10/10. Queen shit.

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Jan 15, 2004
Who cares? Does anything even matter at all? Football was played, but I can’t say I remember too much of it, or really even care to.

Newcastle United.
I'll be slightly more optimistic than this and say 5/10 for this year. When healthy, they looked perfectly fine, and Saint-Maximin is extremely fun to watch. Again, the actual result was 12th and a cup QF. There is an alternate reality where it's NUFC rattling around the lower divisions instead of Sunderland, so mediocrity shouldn't be scoffed at.

Outlook...I mean, there are two very different outlooks. One is Ashley and Bruce (a good dude who can't elevate a mediocre team through tactics). The other way is oil/blood money and Rafa. Door number one is still the most likely, which caps the outlook at 6/10. I will say that the mooted summer signings (taking a real run at Willock if they sell ASM to Roma as rumored; seeing if Tammy Abraham is available on loan; signing a couple new CBs as our current group ages out) evince more of a plan than usual. They don't play through the midfield anyway, so the transfer policy might as well reflect that.

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Jul 15, 2005
Arsenal: 7/10

Part of the reason that my score is as high as it is, is the simple fact that I have accepted Arsenal's new place in the football world. They are basically now Everton circa 2006 to 2013, a stretch in which Everton finished 5th through 8th every year, with a max of 72 points and a min of 54 points. The "big six" is a relic, a meaningless name at this point because Arsenal do not belong grouped with those teams. They are not going to win a title anytime soon, they are light years behind Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. Manchester United have not been run particularly well in recent years, but they can use their money to paper over problems. Jadon Sancho is not an option for a team that cannot make Europe, like Arsenal.

In essence, finishing in the top-4 has become the highest goal. Achieving that is a magnificent season, a true fulfillment of potential. Yes, it is perhaps unfortunate that a former powerhouse has fallen a step behind, but I still love watching football, even if the expectations are tapered. Arsenal supporters can fairly criticize me, it is fine; I understand that most Arsenal supporters do not see the team this way.

The Joy of Youth:
I have always been a fan of prospects. They are unblemished, full of intrigue and possibility. They may amount to nothing, but for every allotment of young players that go bust, it only takes one Bukayo Saka to make it all worthwhile. Saka is not the best player in the world and never will be, but he came up through the academy, showed potential, eventually playing well in pre-season friendlies and Europa games, and I became a huge fan. Of course, I was also a huge fan of Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock, Eddie Nketiah, Emile Smith Rowe and all of the other players around the same age from the academy, even though the quality varied greatly from player to player. I take immense joy in watching academy players make the first team, something about watching a young player achieve their dreams and capture the collective imagination of the supporters. Similarly, I am now excited by the prospects of Azeez, Balogun, and Taylor-Hart. Even though Arsenal finished 8th, I was more than content watching Saka and Smith Rowe grow as players and cannot wait to see what comes next for them. The season was not a failure when you get to see these types of players emerge.

I also enjoy having a young, first-time manager because, just like prospects, I see a ton of potential. He is young, thoughtful, passionate, and seemingly well-respected (by the players). There is the potential for him to be one of the good ones in the sport. Criticize his substitutions and prolonged belief in Willian, but I think he's learning. I am along for the journey.

The Baggage:
Things are not perfect. I wish they would stop signing old players (Willian, Luiz, Soares who seems an old 29, and maybe even Aubameyang) because they are an inefficient use of their increasingly dwindling resources (they do not have European money these days). I think there are signs that they may be wising up this off-season. Without Europe, the squad should be trimmed, leaving less bloat, and more of a streamlined obvious starting XI, hopefully, with a consistent bench. A lot of the problems really were left-over from the end of the Wenger era and those players are becoming increasingly rare as the contracts expire, and the players are sold or loaned.

The Summer, a Time to Dream:
I think Odegaard is going to slip through their hands, but there are two signings that I think are looking pretty realistic: Buendia (Norwich City) and Onana (Ajax goalkeeper). Buendia would be a ton of fun to watch; he's quite different from Odegaard, who is more subtle, but I think he'd introduce a new dynamism on the attack. Onana is a keeper I'd be happy to bring on, I just hope the suspension is shortened so he could play in games sooner. He seems to command the box pretty well and is capable of playing out of the back.

I have dreams of Arteta being able to play a 4-3-3 Arsenal next year with a midfield 3 of Bissouma, Partey, and Buendia. That may not happen (a lot of money for those two B's alongside Partey), but on the other end of the spectrum, I also can see potential in an Pep-esque attack-focused 4-3-3 with Partey playing as the holding midfielder alongside an adventurous, homegrown duo of Smith Rowe and Willock (I think Willock is a likely candidate to leave on a permanent deal).

I love the sport. I'll happily watch a poor-form Arsenal play a match from here until the seventh tier. I'd rather watch Arsenal play Burnley on a random Saturday than watch a Red Sox World Series game. The sport is beautiful, truly aesthetically pleasing, and always generous with its time: an energetic 90 minutes, the brief respite of half-time, full of nearly constant motion otherwise.

Seeing the red-and-white of Arsenal against the perfect green grass at the Emirates is one of my favorite images. I'm simple to please. I'll watch the all of matches, read every article about the tactics and the drama, view Twitter videos of the academy players scoring beautiful goals in random scrimmages, and enjoy each second I devote to a team an ocean away from my home, a team owned by billionaires who do not care, a team fallen from grace, but my team, for better or worse.


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Jul 15, 2005
I think you’re being overly optimistic and far too generous.
100 days without a manager. No idea who will even be in the squad, but looking forward to see how the Green Brigade tears the shit out of the board once fans come back.

CodPiece XL

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Jun 4, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ.
100 days without a manager. No idea who will even be in the squad, but looking forward to see how the Green Brigade tears the shit out of the board once fans come back.
Probably best to take this to the Scottish football thread. I think you're overestimating the importance of the GB.


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Jul 15, 2005
Probably best to take this to the Scottish football thread. I think you're overestimating the importance of the GB.
Don't get me wrong, I am quite familiar with who the GB are. It's just that their salty banner, shouting into a void, printed in a borderline unreadable font is the only thing I can imagine looking forward to this season.

And to keep the thread on track
Celtic: -67/10(iar)