Have you heard the story of Bob Sheppard pranking Reggie Jackson at Fenway Park?


Jan 20, 2013
Drexel Hill Pa.
This forum seems like a civil and fairly friendly one between Sox and Yankee fans. But anyway Sheppard as most of you may know besides being the long time Yankee and Football Giants P.A. announcer was also a speech professor at St. John's. Well sometime in 1984 he was in Boston for a teachers conference or something like that. He was friendly with Sherm Feller the long time Sox P.A. announcer. He came to Fenway to stop and say hi to Sherm and he went up to the booth. Well as it turns out the Red Sox were playing the Angels who Reggie was now playing for. When it was Reggie's turn to bat Bob asked Sherm... Oh please can I announce him and see if he recognizes the voice. So Sherm said yes so you heard the legendary.......".Now batting faw the Angles numba fawty faw, Reggie Jackson, numba fawty faw. So the first few seconds Reg just kind of got ready then froze for a second or two, then stepped out of the box and looked up at the booth and there is Bob waving at him. Reggie starts smiling and pointing, "You got me.....you got me" Always liked that story and thought it was funny
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Harry Hooper

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Jan 4, 2002
In the version I heard, it was Sherm's idea. Either way, it's a great story.