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Aug 25, 2005
Yes, 91 instead of 90. Big difference at that age.

Hard to describe Whitey so that younger fans can relate. He was only 5-10 and 170. Half the players were that size or smaller in those days.Threw four pitches, constantly changed speeds. Sneaky fast ball. Great curve ball. He loved the occasional crossfire. And he would compete all day long. The Yanks usually played .600 ball while Whitey won at a .700 percentage. Great pitcher who hit the Second Dynasty at the right time, retiring in early 1966 due to circulation problems. He could still get hitters out until the day he retired but circulation issues are scary.

Casey first called Ford ”slick” in referencing his nightlife style. Whitey was slick, a kid from the streets of New York City who stepped into Yankee Stadium like he was getting on the subway. Smarter than most, and street cocky. He could cut the ball, or have his catcher cut it, when in need of a ground ball. Different times. Everyone did it, if they knew how.

236-106 over 16 seasons. Missed his second and third seasons because he got drafted into the Army after going 9-1 in 1950. Greatest Yankee pitcher of my lifetime. As Casey might say, you could look it up.

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
Wow, this took a turn. I'm deleting all of those in respect to Mr. Ford, cut it out.